Spring | Nail Inspiration

I did once of these type of posts about a month ago and every one seemed to love it so i thought i would do another! I love nail art and love finding new things to do with my nails instead of just having one colour on all of them. Here is some of the nail designs im loving at the moment!

Spring | Nail Inspiration
None of these images are my own, they were all taken from google images.

From top left are...

❀ Lace Nails; i love these such pretty nails although i think i should have to use nail stickers for this look!
❀ This is one of my favourites i love the pastel green with dots and flowers, very cath kidston! I love these!
❀ This next nails are perfect for easter coming up. I love the bunnys and they don't look to hard to do!
❀ I love these, dripping nails but with dots. so simple yet so creative!
❀ The next two nail designs are my favourite! I love chevron nails and these are two of my favourite types! I cannot wait to try this out this week!

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  1. Omg I love the bunny art design! Might attempt these for easter, it's too cute to resist. Love all the nail art designs though - the pastel and bright colours are so great for spring.

    1. Im thinking of doing the bunnies too! x

  2. These are so nice


  3. Such lovely designs! Do share your pics when you try them out!
    My Beauty Junction

  4. I love pastel colours for spring. These looks are so cute!


  5. Love the bunny nails, so cute! Can't wait for Easter!

    .Georgina Clare.

  6. those bunny nails are so cuuute! May have to give them a try. Love your NOTW posts btw xx



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