What's In My Bag? #2 | Celine Replica

What's In My Bag? #2

I am in love. My new love is my bag. It. Is. Beautiful. If you watch any of the Kardashian programmes, you might have seen this bag. I must state before i get into this post that i did not pay hundreds of pounds for this bag it is a replica! This bag is a celine replica, the likes of Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Leighton Meester, Rihanna and Nichole Richie have all been spotted with this bag and i love it! I think this bag is so beautiful and is a timeless piece. The bag is extremely well made and feels very high quality. 

This bag was £17.95 and they do a whole range of different colours! This bag was from eBay and available here. The bag itself has three pockets on the inside, one with a zip and one on the front which is big enough for a phone. The bag also comes with a strap to be able to put this over the shoulder or across the body. On the bottom of the bag is little studs in each of the corners to help keep the bottom in good condition when it is on the floor!

What's In My Bag? #2
Front of the bag

What's In My Bag? #2
The back of the bag

What's In My Bag? #2
The inside of the bag

Whats in my bag?

What's In My Bag? #2

❀ Gloves; if you live in England you would know that it is currently snowing at the moment.. Its march go away snow!
❀ My kindle; just incase im out and get a bit bored!
❀ Cath Kidston pouch, just has lip balms, hair bands, mini perfumes and hand gel in!
❀ River Island Purse
❀ iPhone 
❀ Jack Wills phone case
❀ My keys
❀ My tangle teezer!



  1. The inside of this bag is really lovely xx


  2. I love the interior of the bag. I looked and I might get the beige bag, it's lovely!
    Do you think it would be good as a school bag?

    x x

  3. I love your bag!! It's gorgeous


  4. Absolutely love the bag! It's pretty both inside and outside.
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  5. The bag is a GREAT replica!

  6. Love what's in my bag posts and that is a gorgeous bag! The Cath Kidston case is so pretty

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  7. So impressed how empty your bag is, wish mine was like that haha. Mine is a state!


  8. I thinks its a great idea to carry a tangle teaser


  9. Oh man I love this bag! I saw it on icovetthee youtube lately and ever since it's been in my 'watching' tab on ebay! Hope you are enjoying it :D Love the colours you picked for it xx

  10. yay finally i see a post of this replica bag am totally in love with it but obvio cant spend tht much on a bag thankz so much for the review

  11. I love this Celine bag but I like the yellow one. I have been thinking of getting the same bag at very affordable price from Designerbagsonline.co . This will be my 4th from them. Never had problems from this store. All bags are awesome and excellently built with genuine materials. Thank you for this review.Looks like this is going to be really functional and has lots of room to put my wallets, makeups and meds!


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