Lilash & Librow Two Month Update

Can't believe its been a month already since my last update and next month will be my last - crazy! I have still noticed lots of improvements two months on from using these Librow and the results my mum has got already from using Lilash* is incredible! I cannot wait to see if the finished results next month and share my before and after pictures with you all!
Lilash & Librow Two Month Update
Before I get into my two month update, if you want to read my first months update you can do so here. Let's start with Librow*. I have been loving it still this past month, although I have been having to pluck my brows a lot more as they just won't stop growing! I think that is a good problem to have though seeing as my brows normally hardly grow at all. My brows were pretty small two months ago and almost have beautiful full brows, I have been growing them in from from my nose (if that makes sense) and they are almost at the point of looking completely normal. The hairs that have grown in have gotten so much darker this month and match the rest of my eye brows, they are almost long enough to actually fill them in too which I am so excited about! I am still very impressed with Librow, I honestly didn't think it was going to work as well has it has been and I still have a month to go!

As I mention in my one month update, my lovely Mum is using Lilash as her lashes are incredibly short and I really wanted to put this product to the test. If you have been any of my mascara reviews, you will know how long my eye lashes are and my Mums eye lashes are almost at the same length as mine! Her lashes look incredible and have made a massive difference to her eyes and she looks even more beautiful with these long lashes now. Her lashes look darker and thicker too and its not just us noticing that her lashes are getting a big improvement, other people have started commenting on them and that's when you know something is working! 

That's is it for this months update, very short and sweet! Next month is my final update and I will show you the before and after pictures and you will see why I have been raving about Lilash an Librow! 


*PR Samples


  1. The wife has this and obviously I can't comment and give the game away either way :o)

  2. Both of these sound very promising - definitely tempted to give them a go!

    Sharan |

  3. This seems like a great product! I will definitely check this out.


  4. I've been trying to grow my eyebrows for ages, I can't wait to see your final installment and see if I should give this a go!

    Rambling Makeup

  5. I can't wait to see what you think as I use eyebrow gel and noticed such a huge difference I was so surprised as I was sceptical at first xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. I can't wait to see your before and after pics! These products both sound amazing!

    Roxie ♥

  7. This sounds promising, I tried to grow my eyebrows back to being fuller a couple of years back so that I could reshape them but I became frustrated waiting and with how patchy they were that I gave in and plucked them, looking forward to seeing the results of this product.

    Sharon xx
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