ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes

I have always loved the way false lashes looked on the eyes, whether it is for day looks or dramatic evening looks. I haven't always been great at applying them which is why I don't wear them as much as I would like. Recently I got my hands on the ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes* and I have fallen in love with them and my love of false lashes has grown massively.
ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes Review
ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes Review
ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes Review
The packaging really calls my name with these lashes - very luxurious. The outer packaging of the box is textured with ESQIDO Lashes printed on the front in rose gold, the rose gold accents also continue inside the packaging. Inside the box you get a little insert which provides a little information about the lashes and a small guide on how to apply, remove and care for the lashes. Then you have a lashes popped onto a clear insert. I love this packaging and think its perfect for storing your lashes in when they aren't being worn and for travelling. 

These Unforgettable lashes are from the ESQIDO Mink Collection. All of the lashes from this collection are handcrafted from mink fur which is collected via natural shedding/molting cycles of the mink animal which makes them cruelty free. The fur is then sterlizsed to ensure that they are suitable to wear and hypoallergenic. These mink lashes are also free from any type of dyes which leaves them with a natural black-brown finish. 

These ESQIDO false eyelashes are incredibly soft sit comfortably on my lash line as well as being extremely light weight which I really love because with synthetic false lashes they tend to be quite heavy on my lash line which puts me off wearing them often. I am not the best at applying lashes but I found these very easy to apply and used the DUO lash glue. These look very natural on the lash line  and add the perfect amount of volume and a slight winged effect which I really enjoy. With some lashes I find that the band can be seen quite easily but with these lashes it was pretty much invisible, especially once I popped on a bit of liner. The band is also handcrafted and is a cotton band. 

While these lashes are a little more expensive at $36 (around £23) I don't think that is actually too bad considering these can be worn up to 25 times when cared for, stored away and removed correctly. If you have a lot of events coming up this summer I think these would be perfect to invest in as you are defiantly going to get your moneys worth with these lashes! 

The ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes retail $36 - link.


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  1. I'd love to see you wearing these! I'm such a newbie when it comes to lashes, the only brand I go for is Eylure! xx



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