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16 December 2015

My hair has been through a hell of a lot of damage over the years. From having it bleached and bright blue underneath, to using heat on it daily. When I get stressed or worried about something I actually pull my hair out without noticing, when I took my GCSE's I actually had pulled half of my hair out on one side which has taken years to get back to normal. These are my top tips and recommendations for all things haircare.
Get Yourself a Tangle Teezer

Having very long hair and tonnes of it I have now noticed that before I was using a Tangle Teezer that my hair would be prone to breakage and was a nightmare to brush. Since having this type of brush in my life my hair had never been softer and I lose a lot less hair while brushing (wet and dry). There is a few different types of Tangle Teezer on the market but I would highly recommend the Salon Elite version.

Minimise the Heat Usage 

While I do still use heat on my hair everyday by using a hair dryer, my hair is still in a much better condition than when it was before. All because I stopped using curlers and straighteners pretty much all together! I only use straighteners maybe once every month if that but I always notice my hair ends up looking so dry and damaged through the mids and ends, not to mention so much thinner looking. If you are going to use heat daily, try and keep it on as low of a heat as possible. If you are going to use straighteners on a high heat make sure not too hold them on the hair for too long. 

Stock up on Heat Defence Products 

I cannot urge you enough to use heat defencing products on your hair, especially if you are going to use heat on it daily. I must admit I always thought these products were a bit of a waste of time but they do actually work. I have been using the TRESemmè Heat Defence Styling Spray for years now and having tried so many different ones on the market this one is my favourite. For each heat tool I use on my hair, wet or dry, I always spray this mainly through the ends of my hair to make sure that it is protected as much as possible. 

For Hair That Doesn't (or has stopped) Growing 

For many women, they don't like to talk about their hair starting to thin out or stop growing in places. For hair that just won't grow past a certain length, I would recommend the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Pink. I used this when I had just finished my GSCE's to promote hair growth that it did a fantastic job and kick starting my hair growth again. You will end up going through many tubs a month but it is worth it if you want long hair again.

If you are bald in some places there is a procedure which can correct this. Baldness i is often blamed onto poor circulation to the scalp, dandruff and even access hat wearing, although these theories have been disapproved. I must admit I really didn't know too much about FUE Hair Transplant until recently when I first heard about it from Sacconejoly's vlogs when he had it done at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. Hair replacement surgery can help enhance the appearance of the hair area as well as your self confidence. I think for some women if balding is an issue this is definitely something to consider, I would recommend during further research first. As this procedure is non-invasive there is a short recovery time and a low risk of complications. After the procedure they will provide you with clear instructions on aftercare, medication and topical treatments to give the implanted hair the best possible chance. 

How the FUE Hair Transplant works is that the hair follicles from the donor area, which is typically the back of the neck, are extracted using a specialised needle less than 1mm in diameter. The extracted follicles are then transferred into the selected area on your scalp and implanted using a very powerful microscope. This procedure is non-invasive, as I previously mentioned, and non surgical so you would be fully conscious for the duration of the procedure. 

For many women hair loss would be a huge knock to their confidence and this might be a good solution depending on your budget.There is a big misconception that these types of procedures would be massively scarring but with FUE Hair Transplant there isn't any scarring so it would be very natural looking. I think with the majority of males they typically just tend to accept it but for many women it is completely different, speaking for myself my hair is my favourite feature and I would feel so self-conscious without it. I don't think we, as women, should be embarrassed to talk about these things as they are out of our control. Having personally spoken to a few members of my friends and family they said they would definitely consider this type of procedure if they needed it. On the Harley Street Hair Clinic website there is a few before and after pictures and they will do speak for themselves - they look incredible. 

Would you have the FUE Hair Transplant procedure?


This post is in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic, all opinions are my own. 

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