Weight Loss Week #1

Weight Loss Week #1

Last week, i started Weight Watchers. Having been feeling crap about myself for the past year because of my weight i had just had enough. My mum has done weight watchers many times in the past and i asked her to join with me. With summer coming up, its the perfect time to get into shape!

Each week i am going to do a recap each Wednesday as i have my weigh in's on Tuesday's and it gives me enough time to get everything together for what i want to write.

For the record, i weighed 12 stone exactly when i joined. This week i found out i had lost 4lb. Pretty shocked if im honest. 

How many points do you get a week?

I get 28 a day, this takes into account my age, height and weight. I actually get one more than my mum which made me laugh a little bit. You also get your 49 weekly points which can be used for when you want to go out for dinner!

What did you find hard this week?

Around day three i wanted to give up. I just wanted to eat whatever i wanted but i knew if i gave up i would regret it so much. Luckily, doing it with my mum is really helpful because she just talked me back into it and she wouldn't let me eat all the chocolate anyway which is an extra bonus!

Another thing i found hard is that i have been super tired all the time which i have no idea if this relates to what im eating or if its just because i have been doing more or what!

What did you find easy this week?

Toward the end of the week, i knew what i was doing and what to eat and when. I also found around day five that i wasn't hungry as much as i used to be and less filled me up more!

Favourite food's of the week?

1. Tesco Light Choices Jacket Potato. These babies are six points each but they taste amazing! I would have one of these for dinner with mushrooms, carrots, cucumber and a little bit of wafer thin chicken and the whole dinner would only be 7 points but i would be completely full.
2. Skinny Cow Mint Choc Chip Lollies. This are the best ice cream treat i have ever had. They are two points each and are great for when you want something sweet! These are on offer in Tesco at the moment for £1.50 for three lollies.
3. Cucumber. This is my favourite vegetable anyway i could just eat it all day long. 

Did you eat out?

I actually had a McDonalds which made me completely shocked when i found out how much i had lost because i thought i was only going to loose about 2lb. I get a Big Mac without the meat and regular fries. I actually had enough from my daily points for this so i didn't have to use any of my weekly!

Did you use all of your daily and weekly points?

No, some days i had eight left and i only used about 10 of my weekly!

Total Weight Loss So Far


If you have any questions, please feel free to tweet me! @Hannahheartss

If your interested in starting weight watchers, there is actually a coupon for you and a friend (available here) which gives you a free registration and a free gift when you join!



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