Weight Loss Week #2

Weight Loss Week #2
This week i lost thee and a half pounds which meant i was lost just over half a stone! Im so pleased! Only half a pound of my 5% goal now! 

What did you find hard this week?

Sitting with other people when they had their dinner. I just wanted to eat all of their dinner so badly!

What did you find easy this week?

The whole week in general i found so much easier. I think im just getting used to it know!

Favourite food's of the week?

1. Boiled Eggs, so yummy!
2. Hoops & Crosses Crisps, my new favourite!

Did you eat out?

Not this week but i wish i did! Nom nom prezzo!

Did you use all of your daily and weekly points?

No, some days i had eight left and i only used about 10 of my weekly!

Total Weight Loss So Far

7 1/2 lb

If you have any questions, please feel free to tweet me! @Hannahheartss



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