Weight Loss Week #3

Weight Loss Week #3
This week has made me really happy! I hit my 5% goal which made me so happy! 

What did you find hard this week?

Craving fat foods haha, for example, cheese, chocolate, kettle crisps, pasta, everything! I Just want to eat it all!

What did you find easy this week?

The whole week in general i found so much easier. I think im just getting used to it know! Im also knowing the point values of the foods i eat mostly which is so helpful and saves so much time!

Favourite food's of the week?

1. Boiled Eggs, so yummy!
2. Hoops & Crosses Crisps, my new favourite!
3. The new Weight Watchers bars of white chocolate and raspberry, om nom nom
4. Mushrooms, i could eat them for every meal!

Did you eat out?

I did have a cheeky McDonalds, i had a big mac with no meat (8 points) and the crisscrosses thingys i had no idea what they are so i pointed them as large fries instead to be safe!

Did you use all of your daily and weekly points?

No, some days i had eight left and i only used about 20 of my weekly!

Total Weight Loss So Far

9 1/2 lb

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