Weight Loss Week #4

Weight Loss Week #4
I ment to post a primark haul yesterday but i haven't been feeling great which completely sucks, but it has all worked out for the better because im actually about to leave to go to primark again so their will be a big haul up tomorrow! 

This week, i had been stressed the whole week which meant my eating went a little out of the window because i couldn't be bothered to actually cook anything. So i thought i was going to do aswell as i did! This week i lost 3lb which i was really happy about! I actually had a new leader this week who was lovely. 

What did you find hard this week?

Be bothered to actually cook like i said above, i also had no idea what i actually wanted to dinner and didn't fancy anything which made it a lot harder! 

What did you find easy this week?

Eating fruit as weird as that sounds. Im really not a sweet person so fruit isn't my favourite food at all! I actually made sure i had fruit in the house so if i was hungry i had something to snack on, i left a little box of grapes in my room on one of the days which meant i actually ate them!

Favourite food's of the week?

The new weight watchers white chocolate and raspberry bars. 2 points of amazingness!

Did you eat out?

I did have a cheeky McDonalds, i had a big mac with no meat (8 points) with fries on monday. It was worth it. 

Did you use all of your daily and weekly points?

No, some days i had eight left and i only used about 10 of my weekly!

Total Weight Loss So Far

12 1/2 lb

Weight to lose until i hit my 10%

4 1/2 lb

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below!


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