January Favourites 2014

This month i have been loving all new products that i have purchased since Christmas, can you believe its February tomorrow already?! I have found some really great products this month, products that i will repurchase time and time again until i either get bored of them, unlikely, or if the brand stops making them! The products are hair care, perfume, body care and make up! Here are this months favourites..

January Beauty Favourites 2014

Almost Instant Dry Nails

The one thing i hate about painting my nails is the drying time, i always end up messing them up within five minutes, until i found these fab three products! When i use at least two of these products after i have painted my nails i find that they are dry within five minutes meaning i can get on with my day without having to worry about them getting messed up within five minutes! 

Everyday Foundation Routine

For years i have been searching for the perfect foundation, concealer and powder combo and i think my search is finally over! It wasn't until i took the pictures for this post that i actually noticed that the two main products are from the same range which might be why i have been getting my foundation looking so good, if i do say so myself! All but one product is from the drug store/high street, im all about spending less pennies and what is even better is that all of these products each cost me under £5, can't go wrong with that!

Everyday Foundation Routine Products

Acrylic Makeup Storage | eBay

It seems like everyone and their mother loves Acrylic storage, i for one am one of those people, i cannot get enough of it! I love that you can see everything in the storage without having to open it up and search about for something. The main reason why i started to love this type of storage was when i first saw it on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, i love them too much and i just loved the way it looked. You can get acrylic storage from places like Muji but i like to find pieces that are a little bit different to what everyone else has, and i think i have, thanks to eBay! Each item in this post is under £17, all of the items are from Hong Kong which means they do take a little longer for you to receive them, i have ordered items from Hong Kong etc before and i normally receive the items in about two weeks and have never had any problems! All of the items also have free postage!

Acrylic Makeup Storage

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy | Review

Favourite product alert, i have found the best pink matte blush! This blush from illamasqua and what's even better is that it is currently on sale, so get it while you can! There is so many things that i love about this product, i cannot get over it, it is making me want to go and pick a few more shades up before they go off sale! Lets get into the many reasons why i love this blush in the shade hussy...

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy

Beauty Wishlist #2

I blame twitter for this wishlist and the #bbloggers chat! Every time im on there i always see new products being mentioned so i always give them a google and end up reading some good things about them and then i want them...hurry up payday! I think i *need* everything in this wishlist, my wanting to purchase beauty products is becoming a bit of a problem because, well, i want everything!

Beauty Sales Haul

Hi, my name is Hannah and i have an online shopping problem! I just cannot stop myself this month, i think it might be time i put myself on a spending ban and give my bank cards to my mum so i can't buy anything! I still have about four things coming that i have ordered online, damn you Illamasqua for adding more things to the sale! So ill put them in another post when they arrive and let you know my thoughts on them! I have loved the sales this year, i got some amazing deals!

Images of Beauty Products From The Sales

Spring Beauty Releases 2014

The spring beauty releases for this year have to be some of my favourites in a while, there is some of the most beautiful packaging i have ever seen as well as some of the most stunning products! My favourite spring releases have to be from YSL and Dior, i cannot get over how stunning some of the products are which is why i have to share them with you today! *warning picture heavy and lengthy, get yourself a cup of tea*

Im going to start with Dior, because the packaging is my favourite, this collection i believe to be called The Trianon Collection. The nail polish shades have to be some of the best ones i have been in a while, my favourite shade has to be Porcelane.

Dior and YSL New Collections
Image taken from Dave Lackie's twitter.

1st Blog Birthday + Soap & Glory | Peaches & Clean Review

I cannot believe a year ago today, i created this blog which now has over 500 followers across GFC & Bloglovin, that is just crazy to me! Thank you to everyone that has followed and commented on my posts in the past year, reading the comments is my favourite part about blogging, i love hearing your feedback on my posts! I will hopefully be doing a give away in the next month or two to say thank you! Here's to another year of Hannahheartss.co.uk!

Now lets get into the actual post....

I've never used a product that smells so good! I must admit, i was a little scared to try this product out because i love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish so much, but i fell in love after first try! Although it hasn't replaced my Cleanse & Polish but this has been an excellent addition to my skincare routine and i am really impressed with the results!

Boots Haul #1

I was planning on doing my boots and sales haul together but im still waiting on some things to arrive so i have decided to split the hauls up because i am too impatient to wait to do both hauls together! For Christmas i got a gift card which could be used in almost all high street shops and i chose to shop in Boots. I hardly ever go in Boots because i normally buy clothes over make up but it has now completely flipped and i cannot stop buying make up, i suppose that is good for you guys! Lots more hauls! I actually needed a few things that i had run out of and then there was some offers on so this happened...

Beauty Wishlist #1

I have been lusting over so many beauty products lately and i had to share them with you lovely lot and would love to know your thoughts on the items in my wishlist! If you have any reviews of the items featured please link them below so i can have a read! Although the title says its the first beauty wishlist..its not but i wanted to start a fresh with my beauty wishlists for 2014 so they shall now be numbered! Almost all of the products are higher end, lets get into it...

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