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My Month in Books: March 2020

My reading started off strong this month but then I only read one or two books in the last half of the month. With everything going on at the moment, I haven't been able to focus on reading but I bought some new ebooks so hopefully, I will be out of my slump soon. Total Books Read: 11
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5 Things to Get Done While on Lockdown (with giffgaff)

- This post contains gifted items -
We are currently in some very stressful and it is essential that we all stay inside to ease the NHS. This was originally going to be a night in post but seeing as we are all home right now, I switched things up and I hope it is helpful! Giffgaff sent me over a box …

Exfoliate and Moisturise with Alpha-H

- This post contains gifted items - 
I have been on a huge skincare kick recently and these two products have been some of my most used! I really rate Alpha-H skincare products, they are definitely worth the price tag if you ask me!  The Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a new favourite of mine! It retail…