Spring Beauty Releases 2014

The spring beauty releases for this year have to be some of my favourites in a while, there is some of the most beautiful packaging i have ever seen as well as some of the most stunning products! My favourite spring releases have to be from YSL and Dior, i cannot get over how stunning some of the products are which is why i have to share them with you today! *warning picture heavy and lengthy, get yourself a cup of tea*

Im going to start with Dior, because the packaging is my favourite, this collection i believe to be called The Trianon Collection. The nail polish shades have to be some of the best ones i have been in a while, my favourite shade has to be Porcelane.

Dior and YSL New Collections
Image taken from Dave Lackie's twitter.

Image from google images.

Can we just take a second and appreciate how beautiful this packaging is! I would simply marry it, it's just so stunning! This palette is exclusive to Selfridge's and retails for £59.

 YSL beauty products always have the most stunning packaging and it looks so beautiful and luxurious, for their Spring collection this year there is a few pieces with even better packaging (im a sucker for good looking packaging). 

Images are taken from temptalia.com

I can't pick a favourite between the eye shadow palette and the blush, both are stunning pieces and what mainly what attracted me to this collection.

Image from temptalia.com

If i owned this blush, i think i would just fall in love with it so much that i could never use it because its so beautiful, i would just sit and stare at it all day. This blush retails for £42.50.

What is your favourite spring beauty collection for 2014?



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