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It seems like everyone and their mother loves Acrylic storage, i for one am one of those people, i cannot get enough of it! I love that you can see everything in the storage without having to open it up and search about for something. The main reason why i started to love this type of storage was when i first saw it on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, i love them too much and i just loved the way it looked. You can get acrylic storage from places like Muji but i like to find pieces that are a little bit different to what everyone else has, and i think i have, thanks to eBay! Each item in this post is under £17, all of the items are from Hong Kong which means they do take a little longer for you to receive them, i have ordered items from Hong Kong etc before and i normally receive the items in about two weeks and have never had any problems! All of the items also have free postage!

Acrylic Makeup Storage

1. Acrylic Drawers £16.99; I love how the top row is split into two so you get extra room and you can organise items a little bit more! This storage item is 10.8cm high so it is a little bit on the smaller side but still is perfect for storage everyday make up!

2. Acrylic Box £4.59; I love that is one is different than the standard acrylic storage, the detail really makes this piece, this is one of my favourites! I love the butterfly detail on the front!

3. Cotton Pad/Jewellery Organiser £3.19; Such a pretty way to store cotton pads! What i would actually use this for is to store my bracelets, i have so many and they always end up in a bundle and this way they would look prettier on display!

4. 12 Lipstick Organiser £2.99; This is the cheapest one of these that i have found on eBay! I chose the smaller one because i don't actually own that many lipsticks so it seemed pointless to have a bigger one which i wouldn't be able to fill!

5. Multi Organiser £8.49; Great way to store different sizes of products in one organiser for easy reach!

6. Cotton Bud holder £2.86; i love the look of this little thing! I always have cotton buds all over the place and this looks fab to keep them all together! Cannot wait to order this baby!

Whats your favourite? Do you like acrylic storage?



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