Christmas Sales Haul: Clothing

I hope you all had a great christmas season! One of my favourite things when Christmas comes to an end, is the sales! I have had to split my haul into two different parts as some of the stuff i ordered online hasn't been delivered yet! So today i have all of the clothing bits i picked up in the sales, i think i did good! I think almost everything i got was at least 50% off! The two places that i shopped in this year was New Look and Primark and i can't believe everything i got from Primark was 50%! Its cheap enough as it is which meant that everything was almost free! Lets get into what i picked up...

New Years Eve Fashion

Did you all have a great Christmas? I know i did!

With Christmas being sadly over, New Years Eve is fast approaching! I have put together three different looks that i think would be perfect for this New Years Eve. All of the items are from ASOS which means if you decide to purchase anything, you can get free delivery where ever you are in the world, fabulous! What i love about these three outfits is that i feel like i would actually wear all of them which is great because normally i have never find one whole outfit that i actually let a alone three! Lets get into the outfits... 

What I Got For Christmas: Beauty

I hope you all had a great Christmas Day yesterday, i know i did! I ate so much food i think i put myself in a food coma! I tweeted and asked in yesterdays post if you would like to see the beauty bits i got for Christmas, so i thought i would share them with you all today! I will be show you what i got from 'Santa' aswell as friends and family! I am in no way bragging about what i got for Christmas, i love reading this posts and watching what i got for Christmas videos and when i asked if you guys would like to see this post i did not get one reply of a no, so here it is! What i got for Christmas: Beauty Edition....

P.s Im sorry in advance for the crappy images, i was in a rush and didn't want to waste my whole Christmas Day on taking photos!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all have a great day spending it with friends and family! No real post today with it being my favourite day of the year but i wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas! If you would like to see what i got for Christmas, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter

Accidental Primark Haul

Happy Christmas Eve!!! I cannot believe its Christmas Day tomorrow! Who's excited?!

So, while i was finishing off my Christmas shopping on Sunday, i may have fell into Primark and magically items fell into my basket, no idea how that happened! I must start my saying a thank you to my mum who picked me up some of these bits! I tried to stop her but for whatever reason she wanted to get me some bits, not going to complain about that, so thanks mum! I am in loev with the things i picked up so i had to share them with you all today! 

How I Spend Christmas Tag!

Can you believe its Christmas Eve tomorrow! I am so excited to say the least! I saw this tag a little while ago on Shona's blog and with it almost being Christmas i knew i would regret not doing this tag even though i haven't actually been tagged! I love Christmas so much and love hearing about what other people do for Christmas so i thought it would be great to share some of the things about how i celebrate Christmas with you all today!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: For Him

With there being only three days until Christmas Day, i know there are a few people that haven't quite finished all of their Christmas shopping. This is the final instalment of my 'Last Minute Christmas Gifts' series so if you haven't already check the last two out, for her and for kids! This gift guide is all about the guys in your life! All of the items are from which has Christmas delivery still on if you order before 10pm on the 23rd (which is tomorrow!) Here are my picks for last minute Christmas gifts for him!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: For Kids

There is always someone that you have forgotten to get a christmas gift for.. but don't panic, ive got you covered! There is always someones child that you may have missed off your list when you go to visit them during the festive period. You can order until 10pm on the 23rd for Christmas Delivery (you can thank me later). I thought i would put together a post with some gift ideas for childern, if you don't have kids yourself, which i don't but i do have a younger sister so i know the sort of thing the kids like then this post is for you! Lets get into it...

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: For Her

I know that there is one people out there who haven't finished doing their Christmas shopping, and there is only a few days to go! Don't panic! has Christmas Delivery until the 23rd of December at 10pm so get shopping! is one of my favourite websites to shop online because they sell everything which is great because you could get almost all of your last minute Christmas shopping one on one website and have it delivered the next day! And some of the items i have picked are actually discounted, what a result!

Boxing Day Sales Wishlist

After Christmas comes to an end *sheds a tear just thinking about it* the only other thing that excites me is the boxing day sales, i hate new years! I thought i would share some of the beauty items i am hoping goes in the sales this year so i can get my hands on them! Here's what im hoping to get in the sales this year....

The Winter Wonderland Tag

I saw this tag on Shona's blog and even though i haven't been tagged i knew i had to do it! I loved reading her answers and it made me feel so festive so i knew it had to be done today! Can you believe its only nine sleeps until Christmas Day, that's craziness to me! I haven't even finished all of my Christmas shopping yet, i think i had better get on with my shopping this week! Lets get onto the tag.....

Christmas Nail Art Inspiration

Happy Friday! How is your week going? Im loving opening my advent calender everyday for a little piece of chocolate!

I cannot believe its the 6th of December already, before we know it is it going to be Christmas Day! Today i am going to be sharing some nail art inspiration with you all! I must state first that i did not do any of this amazing nail art, it was all found on pinterest so i cannot take credit for it! I wish i was a good at nail art because some of these are stunning and i wish i was able to recreate!

Christmas Party Dresses

With Christmas events and parties being pretty much in full swing with it being only TWO WEEKS until the big day, every girl stresses about what to wear! I have found some lovely dresses that i think will be perfect for any party or event this party season! All of these dresses are from ASOS, i think that there is a dress for any person style in this post, with different details to different lengths and colours! The dresses range from £21 to £91 so there is something for every price range!

All images have been taken from the ASOS website. 

My Favourite Place In England.

A few weekends ago, i went to my favourite place in the country, Center Parcs. One of the main reasons why i love this place is at Christmas, they do the whole park up with fake snow and reindeer and trees. It is just beautiful! There is so much wildlife around the forest and its so big that you never feel like your with thousands of people, you really feel like your in the middle of the forest on you own, which i love! The Center Parcs location that i went to is Elveden Forest, the one is my favourite, the subtropical swimming paradise is amazing here and it was a new water ride called the Tropical Cyclone which makes me scream every time i go down it! If you have never been to a Center Parcs, you really should go and i highly recommend going during Winter Wonderland! I thought with it being almost Christmas i would share some pictures from my weekend away! 

November Favourites!

Happy Friday! 

This past month i have found a few new things that i have fallen in complete love with some products as well as some old loves. Everything but one item is a beauty product! Some of the products in this months favourites are things i have included in previous favourites, however i just cannot get enough of them and have to share the amaziness!

Lets get into my favourites for this month...

November Empties!

Can you believe its already December! Im so excited for Christmas and i love opening my advent calender everyday for a little chocolate treat! This months empties has some from October as well because i didn't have enough to do a whole post with what i had so this months looks like i used to a lot, but really it was over two months! The main products i used up this month was skincare stuff and all from one brand, just shows how much i love the brand!

November Empties!
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