Accidental Primark Haul

Happy Christmas Eve!!! I cannot believe its Christmas Day tomorrow! Who's excited?!

So, while i was finishing off my Christmas shopping on Sunday, i may have fell into Primark and magically items fell into my basket, no idea how that happened! I must start my saying a thank you to my mum who picked me up some of these bits! I tried to stop her but for whatever reason she wanted to get me some bits, not going to complain about that, so thanks mum! I am in loev with the things i picked up so i had to share them with you all today! 

First up i picked up some black skinny jeans, i have not had a pair of jeans in months! Primark jeans are my favourite because of how inexpensive they are, these cost £7 and also because they aren't too thick, i hate thick jeans! I went for black because i haven't had a good pair of black jeans in at least a year and i fancied a change up!

Next i got this beautiful jumper. The Owl on it is more fluffy than the rest of the jumper and has some little sequins in it but you can't see them in the picture *sad face*. This jumper was £14, bit expensive for Primark but i must say that the quality feels a lot better than some of the cheaper jumpers i have gotten from Primark in the past so i think this one will last a lot longer!

This has to be my favourite clothing item i have picked up all year! I am the biggest Marvel fan. I am obsessed with the Avengers so when i saw that this had Capitan America and Iron Man on, i had to have it! This was priced at £8 but when i got to the till it was £7, not going to complain! I cannot not wait to wear this!

1. This little black bag was only £4! I needed a new bag because mine is starting to fall apart and it was getting a little too small for everything i had in it so for £4 i couldn't leave it there! I still can't decide if this is a little grannyish or not but i like it!
2. Christmas 5 pack of ankle socks. These were reduced to a £1 and i actually needed some new socks so this was perfect! It doesn't bother me that these are christmassy because i am one of those people that in the middle of July will have Christmas socks and pjs on! 
3. Panda iPhone 4 case £3. I am obsessed with panda's so when i saw this i fell in love a little bit! Cannot wait to put this on my phone and just stare at its cuteness all day.
4. Standard tights £3, i am always needing new tights, i have no idea what actually happens to them! I love these ones because you can't see your legs through them which i like!

Thats it for my Primark haul, what was your favourite item from my haul?!
I hope you all have a great Christmas Day!!



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