Christmas Nail Art Inspiration

Happy Friday! How is your week going? Im loving opening my advent calender everyday for a little piece of chocolate!

I cannot believe its the 6th of December already, before we know it is it going to be Christmas Day! Today i am going to be sharing some nail art inspiration with you all! I must state first that i did not do any of this amazing nail art, it was all found on pinterest so i cannot take credit for it! I wish i was a good at nail art because some of these are stunning and i wish i was able to recreate!

How amazing are they! My favourite is the bottom left, i cannot believe how detailed and good those nails look, they don't even look like real nail art! I feel like i would be able to recreate the second from the top left and the one next to it as it appears like you only need a dotting tool for the first one to create the candy canes and stars which i think would be good for me as i dont have a very steady hand, and the one next to it is just strips which im almost a pro at! 

Whenever i attempt to do nail art on myself i always get compliments on it, no better how bad i think i did it! I think the reindeer would be good to tackle next!

The best way to try some of these designs would be to try on a nail wheel, i always try designs out on them first to see how they turn out and if i am actually able to do them, if you want to get yourself some nail wheels, i always get mine from eBay. 

What is your favourite Christmas nail art? Would you recreate any of these? 
If you have any tutorials or know of any, please link them below because i would love to see how to create similar nail art to those in this post!

Did any of you ladies pick up the Soap & Glory Yule Monty set this morning?! £33 off! What a steal, i picked mine up after about ten attempts, so excited for it to come in the post! 
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