Links of London Collection

As i have just done my Pandora collection, i thought i might aswell do my Links of London collection as well, as these two brands are the ones i wear the most bracelet wise! My links collection is not very big but i thought i would share anyway! 
The first bracelet is a sweetie bracelet, i believe i…

Pandora Collection

I am the biggest bracelet lover there is. My mum and boyfriend hate it because all i ever ask for christmas and birthdays is charms or bracelets. Its my favourite type of jewellery! I love pandora and thought i would share my little collection with you!
The first bracelet is a double leather wrap br…

My Everyday Make-up!

When it comes to my every day make up, im rather lazy, i like to be as quick as i can! It normally takes me about 10 minutes for my whole face, which i think it rather quick to be honest because i know some girls who can take for ever!

(The products)
❀ Revlon Colorstay  ❀ Gainer under eye concealer ❀ C…

Liz Earle Skincare - Try Me Kit Review

Where do i begin with this amazing brand. I found out about Liz Earle from my mum when we was watching QVC once. Liz Earle is an all natural brand, has no animal extracts and is not tested on animals, for me this made me want to give these products a try even more as i have a little bunny myself an…

ASOS Mini Haul: Nail Polish

ASOS sucks me in all the time because they have free postage. Damn you ASOS! Just after Christmas I made three cheeky purchases and got some really good discount on these nail polishes which I purchased as quickly as I could to make sure they didn't go out of stock.ASOS Mini Haul: Nail Polish

My Hair History!

I saw this type of blog post on Louise's blog, (sprinkle of glitter) if you have never seen Louise, where have you been! She's one of those people if you watch their videos you will be ten times more happier after watching the video. Anyway back to the blog post.. 
Hair History
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