My Everyday Make-up!

When it comes to my every day make up, im rather lazy, i like to be as quick as i can! It normally takes me about 10 minutes for my whole face, which i think it rather quick to be honest because i know some girls who can take for ever!

My Everyday Make-up!
 (The products)

❀ Revlon Colorstay 
❀ Gainer under eye concealer
❀ Collection concealer
❀Rimmel stay matte powder
❀ Covergirl lash blast fusion
❀Benefit trio (Dallas bronzer is what im using!)
❀MUA white eye liner
Maybelline gel eyeline
❀ Eyelash curler
❀Eye liner brush
❀MAC 187SE Brush (i think, the numbers rubbed off)

My Everyday Make-up!
(The finished product, not the best picture but you get the idea!)

As you can see from the picture above, i might as well be Caspar the friendly ghost im so pale, no matter how much bronzer i put on i still look this pale always!



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