Links of London Collection

As i have just done my Pandora collection, i thought i might aswell do my Links of London collection as well, as these two brands are the ones i wear the most bracelet wise! My links collection is not very big but i thought i would share anyway! 

The first bracelet is a sweetie bracelet, i believe i have an older style as it is quite a few years old.
I have four charms, all of which my boyfriend has got for me over the years! The charms i have are:
❀ A star sign charm
❀ Mini blue heart
❀ My initial 
❀ A flower

The only problem i have had with a charm is the flower, as you can see in the picture below, almost all of the pink has come off, i only got this charm last may and the blue heart is older than the flower and no colour has come off from that. My boyfriend got the charm from bicester village,  which thinking about it might be why it was there in the first place but i was not informed this when we purchased it!

Links of London Collection

Links of London Collection
(Bracelet on the wrist)

The second bracelet from Links of London i have is the Team GB, my mum got me this last summer for the Olympics and Paralympics to show our support! I wore this when i went to the Paralympics!

If you like anything you see or wish to check out the Links of London brand, you can do so here!

Links of London Collection



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