Pandora Collection

I am the biggest bracelet lover there is. My mum and boyfriend hate it because all i ever ask for christmas and birthdays is charms or bracelets. Its my favourite type of jewellery! I love pandora and thought i would share my little collection with you!

The first bracelet is a double leather wrap bracelet in pink, my boyfriend got me this for my first birthday that we was together and i love it! When this bracelet was purchased money is donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pandora Collection
(Pink leather wrap bracelet)

Pandora Collection
(This is how i wear it!)

 The second Pandora bracelet i have is a silver one, it has a different clasp to the first one and i received this for one Christmas from my mum and dad, I have seven charms for it, which are (from left to right):
❀ Decorative Charm (Clip)
❀ Multiple Hearts Charm
❀ Pink Dot Murano Charm
❀ 18th Charm
❀ Together Forever Charm
❀ Gingerbread Charm
❀ Breast Cancer Awareness Charm

Pandora Collection
(The bracelet)

Pandora Collection
(On the wrist)

If you like anything you see on this post or are interested in the Pandora brand, you can check out there website here! They now have an online store which is excellent if you wish to purchase an item without going into a store!

I think there is only a few more charms i would like to complete my silver bracelet before i start a new one! 



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