My Hair History!

I saw this type of blog post on Louise's blog, (sprinkle of glitter) if you have never seen Louise, where have you been! She's one of those people if you watch their videos you will be ten times more happier after watching the video. Anyway back to the blog post.. 
Hair History

Drum role please...

My hair history! I haven't really changed my hair all that much over the years in style wise, other than once, which I will explain with the pictures, but with colour, I went a little bit crazy in 2010, I think i was going through a teenage crisis at the time looking back it now because during that summer my hair was a number of colours.

In the collage below is my hair history! I blame my mum (as much as i love her) for my first hair style, a full fringe, I don't dislike them on other people but on myself i think i just look horrible because I have extremely thick hair so there was so much hair in the fringe it was so annoying at the time. The second hair style was okay nothing much to say about that one if i'm honest!

When I was 13/14 I had extremely blonde hair, and as much as I loved it it destroyed my hair and my hair has always been my favourite feature about myself, during this hair style and the next one I was starting my GCSE's and too many exams and I started to become a little bit stressed out and i started pulling my hair out without noticing I was doing it which ended up with having to have all of my hair chopped off *cries* and I had a horrible experience at the hair dressers to the point where i will not go into one. I cried and cried for days and wore my hair up for about three months until the fourth photo where I was beginning to be happy with my hair again!

Now, onto the crazy hair year of 2010, I blame most of this on my lovely cousin, I stayed with her for a week and it was just me and her and was so much fun, she had always coloured her own hair and was pretty much always multicoloured! One day we just woke up and decided to do the first bit of pink and my mum didn't know until she came to get me and went a little bit crazy at me then grew to like it then i went more with the pink and then into blue which was my favourite but it also destroyed my hair because we used so much bleach to get the colour so intense. 

Then onto the hair of today, I have had this colour for almost three years and I love it and its all thanks to my mum!



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