Beauty Wishlist | June Week #1

Beauty Wishlist | June Week #1

£5 Primark Dresses!

£5 Primark Dresses!

Primark is one of my favourite stores for the main reason being their prices. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes at the moment because i am on a diet so paying a lot for clothes. Im pretty sure each year Primark brings out £5 dresses. This year has been my favourite. I actually have five of them but one i cannot find to take pictures of. 

I wear these dresses mainly with black leggings and a denim jacket. I lived in these dresses while i was on holiday for a few days and they were so comfortable and can be worn in the day or dressed up for the night time.

What i will say about these dresses is that if you have long legs like me, go a size up because otherwise your bum will be basically out. All of the dresses are quite thin but they aren't really see-through. All of the dresses are really flattering, they make you look good in all the right places.  

eBay Finds! | Ecotools Brushes

 Ecotools Brushes

eBay is one of my favourite websites for finding a bargain! And these brushes certainly were! The two brushes i purchased were the Bronzer Brush and the Foundation Brush. These brushes are some of the softest brushes i have never found. The bronzer brush is my favourite out of the two! Both brushes are by the brand Ecotools, i cannot be 100% sure if these are real brushes but they seem it and came in the same packaging as the packaging of the brushes in boots.

The bronzer brush is great for applying powder or blending out your foundation. I always leave this brush in my handbag to touch up my face throughout the day. The foundation brush is great obviously for foundation but i like to use it for concealer under my eyes.

If you was only to purchase one of the brushes i would highly recommend the bronzer brush out of the two, it is extremely soft, works well and has multiple uses.

Im One Proud Sister | Little Princesses Hair Donation

Its pretty safe to say, i am so proud of my nine year old little sister! Ever since she has been little, she has always had super long hair that almost touched her bum! For a while now she has wanted to give it the chop and after talking to her about this charity she knew she wanted to cut almost all of her hair off for a great cause!

Little Princess Trust is a charity which provides real hair wigs to children suffering with hair loss through cancer treatment. Having known a few people who have had cancer it is quite close to home so to be able to help in the smallest way really does help! To be able to donate hair you must donate over 7 inches. My sister donated, we think, just over 10 inches. Her hair is beautifully soft and healthy so it will make a great wig. One of the main reasons we decided to have more than 10 inches is because my sister wanted the hair to be longer for whoever receives the wig so they get a nice length.

 Little Princesses Hair Donation

Collective Nail Polish Haul! | Essie, OPI, Barry M & More

Like i said in yesterdays post.. my nail polish addiction is back in full force! 15 have been purchased over the last few weeks. Am i ashamed? No!

Lets get started with the most exciting.. Essie!

Essie polishes are by far my favourite. I love their colours, but i don't love their prices so when i find them discounted i purchase! All but one of the colours was purchased from FragranceDirect at £1.99 a piece. The other one was purchased from Xtras at £3.99. The colours i purchased were;
❀ We're in it together; a beautiful baby pink with shimmer
❀ Cascade Cool; a pink/purple
❀All Tied Up; a dark rusty pink with shimmer
❀ Off The Shoulder; a bubblegum pink
❀Action; the perfect orange
❀ Blue Rhapsody (Xtras); blue chrome

May Empties!

This month has been the month which i have used up the most products! Im so proud of myself to use up so many! When i use up products i can justify purchaing new somes and trying some from other brands. i used up 15 products in total. The products i used up are;
❀ Avon Circus Burst Shower Gel ❀Radox …
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