Im One Proud Sister | Little Princesses Hair Donation

Its pretty safe to say, i am so proud of my nine year old little sister! Ever since she has been little, she has always had super long hair that almost touched her bum! For a while now she has wanted to give it the chop and after talking to her about this charity she knew she wanted to cut almost all of her hair off for a great cause!

Little Princess Trust is a charity which provides real hair wigs to children suffering with hair loss through cancer treatment. Having known a few people who have had cancer it is quite close to home so to be able to help in the smallest way really does help! To be able to donate hair you must donate over 7 inches. My sister donated, we think, just over 10 inches. Her hair is beautifully soft and healthy so it will make a great wig. One of the main reasons we decided to have more than 10 inches is because my sister wanted the hair to be longer for whoever receives the wig so they get a nice length.

 Little Princesses Hair Donation

 Little Princesses Hair Donation

 Little Princesses Hair Donation

If i had enough hair, i would totally donate it! My sister has actually decided to do this once a year which just makes me want to cry a little bit, im so proud of her at nine years old to be doing this!

 Little Princesses Hair Donation
Off to be made into a wig!

If you are interested in donating hair, please check out this charity. All information about hair donation is here.



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