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 Ecotools Brushes

eBay is one of my favourite websites for finding a bargain! And these brushes certainly were! The two brushes i purchased were the Bronzer Brush and the Foundation Brush. These brushes are some of the softest brushes i have never found. The bronzer brush is my favourite out of the two! Both brushes are by the brand Ecotools, i cannot be 100% sure if these are real brushes but they seem it and came in the same packaging as the packaging of the brushes in boots.

The bronzer brush is great for applying powder or blending out your foundation. I always leave this brush in my handbag to touch up my face throughout the day. The foundation brush is great obviously for foundation but i like to use it for concealer under my eyes.

If you was only to purchase one of the brushes i would highly recommend the bronzer brush out of the two, it is extremely soft, works well and has multiple uses.

The only downside to these brushes is because they are from Hong Kong, they do take quite a while to get them, mine took about three weeks but it is worth the wait!

If you want to purchase these brushes...



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