Collective Nail Polish Haul! | Essie, OPI, Barry M & More

Like i said in yesterdays post.. my nail polish addiction is back in full force! 15 have been purchased over the last few weeks. Am i ashamed? No!

Lets get started with the most exciting.. Essie!

Essie polishes are by far my favourite. I love their colours, but i don't love their prices so when i find them discounted i purchase! All but one of the colours was purchased from FragranceDirect at £1.99 a piece. The other one was purchased from Xtras at £3.99. The colours i purchased were;
❀ We're in it together; a beautiful baby pink with shimmer
❀ Cascade Cool; a pink/purple
❀All Tied Up; a dark rusty pink with shimmer
❀ Off The Shoulder; a bubblegum pink
❀Action; the perfect orange
❀ Blue Rhapsody (Xtras); blue chrome

Collective Nail Polish Haul!

Next up we have Barry M. I saw the new colours had been added to so i made a cheeky purchase. I did purchase some other colours for my mum but she took them before i had time to take pictures of them! i purchased;
❀ Confetti Polish in Bubblegum
❀ Confetti Polish in Dolly Mixture
❀ Gelly Polish in Blue Grape
❀ Sequin Effects in White

Having tried the confetti polishes i really want to get my hands on the other shades! My mum has the black one and she loves it! I will be picking up them up soon!

Collective Nail Polish Haul!

These polishes don't have names on them so i have no idea what they are called so sorry about that! They are by Miss Sporty.

Collective Nail Polish Haul!

Finally i purchased a new bottle of Nail Envy but i opted for the matte version just because it was cheaper! I actually got this at a big discount after searching amazon for hours! I got it for just under £6 so if your interested ill link it here. This stuff is a mircle for my nails! The other polish is by the brand KIKO from the sugar matt range, again this polish doesnt have a name but my friend got me this while she was in portugal!

Thats it for this haul, i don't think i need anymore nail polish for a while!



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