£5 Primark Dresses!

£5 Primark Dresses!

Primark is one of my favourite stores for the main reason being their prices. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes at the moment because i am on a diet so paying a lot for clothes. Im pretty sure each year Primark brings out £5 dresses. This year has been my favourite. I actually have five of them but one i cannot find to take pictures of. 

I wear these dresses mainly with black leggings and a denim jacket. I lived in these dresses while i was on holiday for a few days and they were so comfortable and can be worn in the day or dressed up for the night time.

What i will say about these dresses is that if you have long legs like me, go a size up because otherwise your bum will be basically out. All of the dresses are quite thin but they aren't really see-through. All of the dresses are really flattering, they make you look good in all the right places.  

£5 Primark Dresses!
Two being worn

These dresses were still in stores when i was last there and they have a lot of different prints. 



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