Haul: Boots & Primark

Yesterday, i popped out shopping, having being paid earlier this week, i only went out to get my sisters birthday present and all this happened! Opps (Plus theres another haul tomorrow hopefully *nails related* eeekkk!)
Haul: Boots & Primark
An overview!

First off, the primark stuff!

Haul: Boots & Primark

Here are the random items...

❀ Cosmetic Pads, i saw these when i was queuing to pay and remembered i didn't have any! £1
❀ Double pack of baby wipes.. for my furry baby bunny, Bluebell. £1
❀ Lace type headband in cream, when i was about 14 i used to wear headbands all the team, i had a bit of a girl crush on Blair from Gossip Girl and i thought this would look nice on my hair as it is really dark! This was only 1.50 
❀ Red Polka Dot iPhone Case, i actually got this in the wrong iphone type, i got the 5 one, so if anyone has this phone and would be interested in a giveway, when i hit 100 followers i will be hopefully doing one along with some other bits and bobs, let me know what you would like to be in that giveway in the comments please! £2
❀ 3 Pack of panda socks, i have an obsession with pandas, hopefully going to edinburgh this year to go and see them! So when i saw these i could not not get them! These were only £1.50

Liz Earle Skin Essentials Kit | Review

For my birthday, my mum got me this kit, she got me into Liz Earle around christmas time and all of the products i had were about to run out, she got me this kit so i didn't have to buy them myself! I think this kit is a great way to get all of the Liz Earle's most popular products, if you …

February Empties!

I really enjoy reading these posts so i thought i would start doing them, they do take quite a long to time to as you have to wait for the products to be finished with! Heres all of the products i have used up this month...

February Empties!

❀ Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleaner (100ml)
 Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleaner (30ml)
 Liz Earle Moisturiser (15ml)
❀ Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
❀ Covergirl Mascara
❀ Johnsons Moisturiser 
❀OPI Rapidry Spray

What will i repurchase? 

Victoria's Secret Body Sprays + Lotions Collection!

I love Victoria's Secret body care section, every time i go into one of their stores i always purchase! I thought i would share my current collection with you all as i have quite alot, i think! Almost always there is an offer on this products (apart from the mini's which i got in a set!). Individually each product retails for £11 but the current offers are 3 for £21 or 5 for £25, i always do 5 for £25 as i think its the best deal!

Victoria's Secret Body Sprays + Lotions Collection!
An overview

February Favourites!

This month i have been loving loads of beauty products! Alot of wish i had got not that long ago but i am extremely impressed with! These products are...

February Favourites!

❀ OPI Ridge Filler, really does fill in the ridges and makes nail polish look so much better!
❀ Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, apart from the smell i love this! So easy to use!
❀ Tangle Teezer, best hair brush ever, doesn't hurt to brush my hair and gets out all of the knots, amazing on both wet and dry hair!
❀Nail File, Love this one, it says on it 'Keep Calm.. Harry is still single' on it which made me want it but its actually an amazing nail file!
❀ Victoria's Secret Minty Kiss Lip Shine, love that its minty and has amazing sine!
❀ OPI Polish from the Mariah Carey Collection in Cant Let Go, has a really cool texture and the colour is beautiful.
❀ Maybelline The Rocket Mascara, cannot say enough good things about this mascara, my review on it is here.
❀Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold, have had this on my eyes everyday since i have had it, it lasts all day and i love the colour!
❀ Victoria's Secret Cheek Love in Dollface, lovely colour looks really nice on! 
❀ Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose, smells amazing!!

Some Swatches...

Nails inc Lucky Dip Sale!

For today only, nails inc are having there lucky dip sale again!  This time around there are three different collections to choose from which are...
Special Effects Set

Metallic Set

Glossy Set (OUT OF STOCK)

For £18 you get 7 lucky dip shades! I actually purchased the special effects set just now! Have …

London Haul Part 2: Primark, H&M, Beauty Base + Extras

I got a few bits while i was in Stratford so i thought i would share the few things i got! 

I got a pair of jeans from H&M, i had a gift card from christmas that i hadn't used so i thought i would take adavantage of the £9.99 jeans, i got them in a darker shade! 
From primark i got:
❀ Double P…

London Haul Part 1: Victoria's Secret (Bond Street & Stratford Stores)

I visited both London Victoria's Secret Stores on Monday and made a few purchases! First ill start off with the beauty products! All items were on 4 for £20.

❀ Cheek Love Blush in Flutter ❀ Cheek Love Blush in Dollface ❀ Sexy Kiss Lip Gloss in Hint of Chocolate (I got another one for my sister for…

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street (Pictures, Prices and an Overview!)

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street

A Few days ago, i went to the Victoria's Secret on Bond Street, if you are ever in the area just go even if you dont want to buy anything, it is amazing! The inside is so beautiful! The pricing of the pink section i would  say was between Hollister and Jack Wills prices! Alot of the hoodies and trackie bottoms were priced at £39.50, iPad cases priced at £26. There is alot of offers on the pink range including:

❀ Selected 2 Bras for £36
❀ 2 Baseball Tees for £25
❀ 5 Pairs of Underwear for £20

By the checkout in Pink there is a sale section, which had some hoodies and yoga pants! 

There is also deals on the Beauty Crush range which as 2 for £15 or 4 for £20, with each item being £10 each! When a perfume is purchased, a free lotion is included! All of the perfumes i smelled were lovely! Next time i visit i think i will get the Bombshell perfume! It was my favourite out of all of the ones i smelt!

I don't know if it was just me or not but i couldn't find the Body Care section!

 The only thing i was disappointed about was that there was no iPhone cases :(.

 I was pretty surprised that in the pink section they had all of the new swim wear and all of the new spring collection with it only been released a few days before in the States! 

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street
(All of the outfits in the windows outside)

Birthday (Not a 'Haul') Haul!

As some of you may know, it was my 19th birthday yesterday! I had a really good day, for the next couple of blog posts will be hauls and other stuff to do with my birthday so you have been warned! I love reading what people got for their birthdays and hauls in general so i thought i would share some of the things i got for my birthday!

Birthday (Not a 'Haul') Haul!

❀Popcake Maker; i love to bake so was so happy i got this!
❀ New Hairdryer: Had been having alot of issues with my old one!

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review/ First Impressions + Swatches

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review

Barry M nail paints are known for being very good value for money (being £2.99 - £4.99), every one loves them! The colour pay off from these two colours is good. These nail paints were featured in my latest superdrug haul. The shades of these two glitter polishes along with there numbers is shown below.

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara | Review

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

I LOVE this msacara. It is amazing period. For me, i always hate mascara's the first few times i use them and then i end up loving them but with this mascara i loved it from first application! The Packaging is super cute i love the colours that they have used for it. 

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
(The Packaging)

This mascara gives noticeable length from the first brush onto the lashes. The brush itself is plastic, which are my favourite type of mascara wand, i just get on better with them!

Beauty Wish List!

I love doing this posts, i am always browsing online shops and cannot stop wanting to buy things, this is so bad for my bank balance! I've started being alot more into make up products again, a few years ago i had so much i didn't even have the room to store it all! Ive begun 'collecting' again! But i love reading this posts so i thought i would do another one!

Beauty Wish List!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

As i have mentioned before, whenever a website has free shipping it sucks me in and superdrug was no different! I was having a pretty crappy day and my mum suggested some online shopping.. Which did make me feel better! I got some really good deals on some of the products that i purchased!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

My favourite product which i purchased from this haul was the maybelline rocket mascara, it is amazing! I actually used it for the first time today and i love it! I actually had to get my mum to get me this yesterday when she popped out because it isn't available online at the moment! This mascara was £5.99 on introductory offer! 

How I Grew My Hair | Tips & Tricks

For the past few years, i have tried and tried to grow my hair long, my hair is now the longest it has been in seven years! My hair is almost at the perfect length for me, another two or three inches and i will be there! I have never done anything to make my hair grow but i thought i would share my tips and tricks to getting long hair. 

Now, before i start the tips and tricks that i have i have to say that i do wash my hair everyday, brush it when its wet, dye it and use heat on it everyday (Not straighteners or curlers though) and i haven't had a massive problem with spilt ends so for my hair, i dont think all of those things people say about when your trying to grow your hair is true in my case! My hair is 60cm long from the root to tip at its longest point!

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

I love these posts, so i thought i would do one! The bag im currently using is from Primark and is still in stock as i saw it the other day in there. This bag is also available in black and also navy blue! 

I hate when i carry massive bags because i end up with so much in them, at the moment there is not a whole lot but i thought i would show you.. so onto the front three pockets!

What's In My Bag?

❀ A Pets at Home receipt
❀ Jack wills phone case
❀ My BlackBerry, my iPhone would have been in it but it was on charge! 
❀ A broken ring :(

Nails inc Westminster Bridge (Matte Top Coat) | Review

Nails inc Westminster Bridge

I don't know where to start with this amazing product, i cannot say enough good things about it! I have waited about five weeks for this to come into stock on very and on the one day it was available it sold out so that is saying something! 

This matte top coat claims to dry ultra fast with only one coat needed and can be used at home or on the go. This top coat does both of these things! It must have dried in under 30 seconds which is amazing as i am one of those people who always messes up their nails within five minutes of doing them! 

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