Barry M Glitter Polishes Review/ First Impressions + Swatches

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review

Barry M nail paints are known for being very good value for money (being £2.99 - £4.99), every one loves them! The colour pay off from these two colours is good. These nail paints were featured in my latest superdrug haul. The shades of these two glitter polishes along with there numbers is shown below.

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review


Barry M Glitter Polishes Review
(One coat: Left is Rose Quartz Glitter Right is  Aqua Glitter)

Barry M Glitter Polishes Review
(Two coats: Left is Rose Quartz Glitter Right is  Aqua Glitter)

First Impressions 

I love the colour pay off with both of these colours, both have a slight sheer colour base to them Rose Quartz Glitter having a pink base and Aqua glitter being blue, the pink glitter has bigger chucks in which to get them distributed well you would have to dab it to get the bigger bits where you wanted them. The aqua glitter did not need many coats to get a good colour pay off! 

I love both of these nail polishes, being £2.99 each they are great value for money and will last a long time! For £2.99 you get 10ml/ 0.35fl.oz.

On the negative side is the smell of the Aqua Glitter, the smell is so strong it puts me off, the Rose one smell isn't that strong but with the aqua one is that strong that you can still smell it even when its on the nail. I also had a problem with the aqua one drying. I used OPI Rapidry and it still wasn't dry after three hours and i didnt even apply that much to the nails! I think i will give this one ago again and see if it was the colour underneath or just the polish itself.

Overall i do love these polishes just wish that the Aqua Glitter didn't have such a strong smell! If you have this polish have you had this problem?

I hope you have a good sunday!



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