Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

As i have mentioned before, whenever a website has free shipping it sucks me in and superdrug was no different! I was having a pretty crappy day and my mum suggested some online shopping.. Which did make me feel better! I got some really good deals on some of the products that i purchased!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

My favourite product which i purchased from this haul was the maybelline rocket mascara, it is amazing! I actually used it for the first time today and i love it! I actually had to get my mum to get me this yesterday when she popped out because it isn't available online at the moment! This mascara was £5.99 on introductory offer! 

  Superdrug was having 3 for 2 on barry m nail polishes so i took advantage and ordered 6 and the other one my mum picked up for me when she was out yesterday!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!
I got shades (From left to right)...

❀ Strawberry ice cream  £2.99
❀ Aqua Glitter  £2.99
❀ Rose Quartz Glitter £2.99
❀ Gelly Hi Shine in Grapefruit £3.99
❀ Magnetic Burgundy £4.99
❀ Magnetic Blue £4.99
❀Magnetic Dark Silver £4.99

I then found some eye lashes at extremely good discount, i have never heard of the brand, i also do not wear eye lashes but i just couldn't pass up on the deal! They are no longer on the website so they must have sold out but im 100% sure they were between £6.99 and £7.99 each and i did not pay more than 90p for each set!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

The styles i got from top to bottom are:

❀ Rosebud
❀ Painted Lady 
❀ Good Girl

I next purchased from eye products, i was running low on my eye liner and also saw that the maybelline colour tattoo's were only £3.99 each so i purchased one aswell and a MUA mascara! 

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

Products shown from left to right are...

❀ Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold (Which is actually listed as Eternal Pink) £3.99
❀ MUA Extreme Curl Mascara £2
❀ MUA Eyeliner in Snow White £1
❀ Maybelline Rocket Mascara £5.99

The next products i purchased were lip products, two lip balms and a lip liner for my mum!

Superdrug (Beauty) Haul!

The Products shown are:

❀ MUA Lip liner (not sure of the name) £1
❀ Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream, which sadly i can't stand the smell of it makes me feel sick, i dont know if i got one that had gone off or what but i have given this to my mum because she didnt mind the smell! £1.49
❀ Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose which smells amazing! £1.49

If you have reviews of any of these products, please feel free to leave them in the comments, i would love to read them!



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