Haul: Boots & Primark

Yesterday, i popped out shopping, having being paid earlier this week, i only went out to get my sisters birthday present and all this happened! Opps (Plus theres another haul tomorrow hopefully *nails related* eeekkk!)
Haul: Boots & Primark
An overview!

First off, the primark stuff!

Haul: Boots & Primark

Here are the random items...

❀ Cosmetic Pads, i saw these when i was queuing to pay and remembered i didn't have any! £1
❀ Double pack of baby wipes.. for my furry baby bunny, Bluebell. £1
❀ Lace type headband in cream, when i was about 14 i used to wear headbands all the team, i had a bit of a girl crush on Blair from Gossip Girl and i thought this would look nice on my hair as it is really dark! This was only 1.50 
❀ Red Polka Dot iPhone Case, i actually got this in the wrong iphone type, i got the 5 one, so if anyone has this phone and would be interested in a giveway, when i hit 100 followers i will be hopefully doing one along with some other bits and bobs, let me know what you would like to be in that giveway in the comments please! £2
❀ 3 Pack of panda socks, i have an obsession with pandas, hopefully going to edinburgh this year to go and see them! So when i saw these i could not not get them! These were only £1.50

Haul: Boots & Primark

This top looks pretty average but i didn't have any white tops for some reason and when i saw this i fell in love with it! Its tight on the arms and loose in the middle, i love this type and the back is what sold me on it!

Haul: Boots & Primark
The back

This top was only £5.00 and they had it in other colours so when i go back i might get some more!

Haul: Boots & Primark

Next, i got these light pink converse type shoes, i really wanted the high top converse but they are so expensive and i wasn't sure if i would get the wear out of them! They had loads of converse copys in all different pastel colours and i liked these the best because of the side detail. These were £8.

Finally from primark is the home stuff...

Haul: Boots & Primark

In the next months, i am completely redecorating my bedroom, new beds, floor, colour, everything! As i still live at home and share a room this my sister i don't think its fair on my parents for them to have to pay for everything because i want my room done so ive begun getting some pieces ready! I saw these throws in the fleece when i was in the Primark at westfield and i loved the design but i wanted it in the quilt form so when i saw these i had to get them because i knew by the time i wanted them they would be gone! I got two, one for myself and one for my sister and they were £15 each. I then got a little love sign to put on a shelf, it was £1.

And last but not least is boots! I got a gift card for my birthday and knew that i wanted a real techniques brush and i was in luck and found one!

Haul: Boots & Primark

I got the real techniques blush brush, its super soft! It was £9.99, i then had a little but left on the gift card and saw the Essie stand and i couldn't resist! I have a nail polish addiction! I got it in the shade Fiji as everyone seems to love this colour and i didn't have any colours like this! And it was £7.99

Thats it for this haul.. Until tomorrow (hopefully!) Make sure to follow for upcoming details about the giveaway!!



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