Victoria's Secret New Bond Street (Pictures, Prices and an Overview!)

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street

A Few days ago, i went to the Victoria's Secret on Bond Street, if you are ever in the area just go even if you dont want to buy anything, it is amazing! The inside is so beautiful! The pricing of the pink section i would  say was between Hollister and Jack Wills prices! Alot of the hoodies and trackie bottoms were priced at £39.50, iPad cases priced at £26. There is alot of offers on the pink range including:

❀ Selected 2 Bras for £36
❀ 2 Baseball Tees for £25
❀ 5 Pairs of Underwear for £20

By the checkout in Pink there is a sale section, which had some hoodies and yoga pants! 

There is also deals on the Beauty Crush range which as 2 for £15 or 4 for £20, with each item being £10 each! When a perfume is purchased, a free lotion is included! All of the perfumes i smelled were lovely! Next time i visit i think i will get the Bombshell perfume! It was my favourite out of all of the ones i smelt!

I don't know if it was just me or not but i couldn't find the Body Care section!

 The only thing i was disappointed about was that there was no iPhone cases :(.

 I was pretty surprised that in the pink section they had all of the new swim wear and all of the new spring collection with it only been released a few days before in the States! 

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street
(All of the outfits in the windows outside)

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street
(The windows outside Pink)

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street
(The ground floor level of pink)

Victoria's Secret New Bond Street

As you can see from all of the pictures, the shop itself is stunning! My mum loved it aswell! Have you been? What did you think?!



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