How I Grew My Hair | Tips & Tricks

For the past few years, i have tried and tried to grow my hair long, my hair is now the longest it has been in seven years! My hair is almost at the perfect length for me, another two or three inches and i will be there! I have never done anything to make my hair grow but i thought i would share my tips and tricks to getting long hair. 

Now, before i start the tips and tricks that i have i have to say that i do wash my hair everyday, brush it when its wet, dye it and use heat on it everyday (Not straighteners or curlers though) and i haven't had a massive problem with spilt ends so for my hair, i dont think all of those things people say about when your trying to grow your hair is true in my case! My hair is 60cm long from the root to tip at its longest point!

Tips & Tricks

❀ In my case, i wash my hair everyday, this is because otherwise i end up picking at my spilt ends, and as i said in my hair history post (here) i had a problem with doing that and ended up having to have all my hair cut off! When i was my hair i always blow dry it but always use heat protection, i recommend TRESemme Heat Protect!
❀ If you can, use a leave in conditioner or serum, vegan collagen works too. Both products i use daily and the leave in conditioner is by aussie luscious leave in and the serum i am also using is pantene spilt end serum, it says to use this on dry hair but it did not work on dry hair for me, i find this works best on wet hair!
❀ Tie your hair up before you sleep, either a a pony, messy bun or a plait, this helps prevent breakage and tangles!
❀ Use a hair treatment at least once a week, i recommend the aussie three minute miracle!
❀ Don't over cut your hair, i must admit, i haven't been to the hair dressers in about three years, i really dont have many split ends but when i notice that they are bad i get my auntie or mum to give them a little trim just straight across! I dont have any layers in my hair since i have been growing it but once its at the perfect length i will!

How I Grew My Hair

What are your tips and tricks for growing your hair? Let me know in the comments below!



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