March Favourites

This month i have been loving quite a few new things! Alot of the things are products which i thought i wouldn't like or use very much but i have been loving them! Here is what i have been loving this month!

❀ Benefit's Powder-time Lover; i have been using the blush in  Dallas, because i am extremely pale i find this works amazing on the cheeks on me! It is almost gone and i think i will repurchase the full size when it does!

❀ MUA Undress Me Too Palette; this palette is perfection for me, i am not a fan of bright eye shadow i love my neutrals and this palette has it all! The pigmentation of the colours is amazing and it cost a whole £3! Cannot beat that price for 12 eye shadows! My favourite for everyday is shy.

❀ Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets; these work amazingly, they take away all of the shine without removing the makeup and you can really notice the difference! I have used these everyday this month.

❀MUA Lipstick in shade 3; this is such a beautiful colour, i would say its a really deep yet bright pink, i have woren this full on and used with only a tiny amount and blended it out for in the day, i love it! It was only £1 i will be picking some more up! I am extremely impressed with these!

❀ LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sea Shells, i use this everyday to brighten my eyes, it lasts all day and it only cost 99p! I will be trying some more shades soon!

March Empties #2

This month, i used up alot of products, more than i would normally! Im pretty proud of myself but at the same time it in my brain justifies being more products now i have used up so many! With each of the products i will give a mini review and say whether or not i will repurchase!

March Empties #2

1 & 2: Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette Make Me Shine Shampoo & Conditioner; I didn't really like these all that much if im honest, i thought they were too thin and didn't make my hair shine any more than normal and also if you dropped some on yourself it looked like i had a bad experience with fake tan!
Will not repurchase.

3: Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub; really loved this product does exactly what is says on the tin! Smells amazing like all soap and glory products do!
Will repurchase

4: Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist; i love this product! Smells amazing, i use this everyday!
Already have repurchased and will again and again!

5: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder; love this powder, this must be about the fifth one i have used up! 
Have repurchased already

6. Aussie Take The Heat Leave-in Spray; this product, as do all aussie products, smells amazing! Loved using this! 
Will repurchase

7. Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Deep Treatment; great for a hair pick-me-up, smells amazing and makes my hair super soft! Also has heat protect in it which is a bonus!
Will repurchase

Mini MUA Haul!

Yesterday i braved the snow and went into my nearest superdrug to pick up a few beauty bits before payday on tuesday, i just couldn't help myself! So here is what i picked up on this trip to superdrug! Whats even better is the grand total was under £10, you cannot beat that!

Mini MUA Haul!

I picked up the following....

❀ MUA Undress Me Too Palette £4 but on offer for £3 at the moment! The pigmentation of these colours is amazing, just just swatched some of them i am extremely impressed! This palette is said to be a copy of the Naked Too palette, i haven't tried that one but i am so happy i picked this one up! If you would like to see swatches please let me know in the comments!

Mini MUA Haul!
The colours in the palette

❀ MUA Mega Volume Mascara in Black £3, i love to try new mascara's and i really like ones with a plastic wand so i will be testing this out this week and i will let you know my thoughts!

Mini MUA Haul!
Up close of the mascara wand

What's In My Bag? #2 | Celine Replica

What's In My Bag? #2

I am in love. My new love is my bag. It. Is. Beautiful. If you watch any of the Kardashian programmes, you might have seen this bag. I must state before i get into this post that i did not pay hundreds of pounds for this bag it is a replica! This bag is a celine replica, the likes of Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Leighton Meester, Rihanna and Nichole Richie have all been spotted with this bag and i love it! I think this bag is so beautiful and is a timeless piece. The bag is extremely well made and feels very high quality. 

This bag was £17.95 and they do a whole range of different colours! This bag was from eBay and available here. The bag itself has three pockets on the inside, one with a zip and one on the front which is big enough for a phone. The bag also comes with a strap to be able to put this over the shoulder or across the body. On the bottom of the bag is little studs in each of the corners to help keep the bottom in good condition when it is on the floor!

What's In My Bag? #2
Front of the bag

What's In My Bag? #2
The back of the bag

What's In My Bag? #2
The inside of the bag

American Beauty Wishlist + How To Get Your Hands On Them!

One of the most annoying things about living in England, other than the weather, is that we can't get hold of alot of the great products available in the States! .. Until now! I have found a few of the american beauty products which are raved about in the states, at reasonable prices that are available in the UK, so i thought i would share these with you!

American Beauty Wishlist

First up is the EOS Lip Balms, as soon as payday comes around next week i think ill be making a purchase of these babies! Heres the different ones i found:
❀ Individual Lip Balms, retailing at £5.85 with free postage, available in all flavours, available here
❀ 5 pack of lip balms, retailing for £24.95 with an extra 99p for postage. Available Here.
❀4 pack, including three sphere and one stick. Retails for £19.95 (I think im going to get this one!) Available Here.
Sticking with lip balm is the Maybelline Babylips, ive heard that these are going to launch in the UK later this year but for those of you that can't wait they are available here. They retail for about £7 each with free delivery!

Hair Envy/ Future Hairstyle!

In a few weeks my hair is getting a big chop! I always want really long hair and then when i have it, it annoys me! So ive decided to go to the hair dressers for the first time in years to get my hair done soon! Because i don't really do much with my hair it only seems right to get the chop!


Lip Products Wishlist!

For the longest time, i have been afraid of colour of my lips but recently all i want is bright lips! I really do not know what has changed about this but im welcoming the change! I do really need a bright colour on my lips to brighten up my face because im so pale alot of the time i look like a ghost! With pay day fast approaching, im counting down the days, i think im going to buy some bright colours and i thought i would share my wishlist!

Lip Products Wishlist!

Products featured are:

❀ Revlon Lip Butters in shade Raspberry Pie
❀ Rimmel London Apocalips in shades Stellar and Nova
❀ L'Oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash in shade princess
❀ Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick in shade 001

Magnetic Polishes | Product Rave/Review

Magnetic Polishes

I know these polishes have been around for a while but ive been loving them recently! Im favourites are the nails inc's ones if im honest! The effect that the magnetic gives with these ones seems stronger than the barry m's (maybe i wasn't doing it right!). The colours in these magnetic polishes i have are..

❀ Kensington Palace (Nails inc)
❀ London Town (Nails inc)
❀ Dark Silver Magnetic (Barry M)
❀ Burgundy Magnetic (Barry M)
❀ Blue Magnetic (Barry M)

The Barry M ones are definatly value for money and the cheaper opinion at £4.99, and normally on a deal whereas the nails inc ones are £13 each! Although i did not pay that for mine, i got my two in the lucky deal sale! I love the effect it gives my nails, i think it is so clever and i really want to get some other colours in these type of polishes!

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover | Review

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover

I have had this 'magic' nail polish remover for a few weeks now and have used it a few times and i wanted to share my thoughts, first lets get to the pro's!

❀ It does actually remove the polish quicker than normal
❀ Great for travelling!
❀ Acetone and paraben free!
❀ Doesn't dry out the nails!
❀ It does leave the nails/fingers with a vanilla/fruity smell

Sadly, i have found a few con's with this product which are...

❀ Does not remove glitter at all for me, it actually destroyed the sponge part on the inside which has lead to leaving bits of black sponge all over my nails and fingers when i use it now :(
❀ Makes my fingers feel greasy and then i have to wash them afterwards because i cannot stand it
❀ Has a extremely strong smell 

Spring | Nail Inspiration

I did once of these type of posts about a month ago and every one seemed to love it so i thought i would do another! I love nail art and love finding new things to do with my nails instead of just having one colour on all of them. Here is some of the nail designs im loving at the moment!

Spring | Nail Inspiration
None of these images are my own, they were all taken from google images.

From top left are...

100 Followers + Future Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I cannot believe i just hit 100 followers, thank you all so much! There will be a giveaway soon, in the next few weeks, so make sure you keep an eye out for that! Thank you!!! What kind of stuff would you like to see in a giveaway? Let me know in the comments below!
Tomorrow's post …

Beauty Wish List | March Edition

Cannot believe how quickly this year is going already. If im completely honest i just want some sunshine, if you live in England you would know that for the past few days it has done nothing but rain! Its horrible! I thought i would do this post because there is quite a few things im lusting over online but i don't think ill be able to purchase them just yet as i just had to buy a new mattress (boooo), so heres my wishlist for march!

Beauty Wish List
Images all from websites stated below

On my march wish list is...

❀ Benefit World Famous Neutrals Kit (Easiest Nudes Ever) £23.50 on ASOS
I think this kit is such a good idea, i really want to get into doing eye shadow again and i think this kit is great from looks of it and reviews! 

Step Into Spring | Clothing + Accessories

With the weather in England being pretty horrible and depressing, i have been browsing online for spring clothes and accessories. I want sunny weather so badly! Here are some of my favourite clothing items and bags for spring!

Step Into Spring
All images have been taken from the very website

All of these clothing items are from Very from the Love Label brand. From left to right is..

❀Blue Coloured Supersoft Skinny Jeans retailing for £25. I love these jeans, the colour is beautiful perfect for spring! Available here.
❀ Pattern Intarsia Jumper at £29. I love the design of this jumper and the colours i think its a really nice piece. This jumper is available here.
❀Next is this beautiful black dress with shoulder cut outs (have seen alot of this lately) and i love it! At the bottom of the dress is some cut out flower detail. This dress costs £32 and is available here.
❀ Next up is an animal print pac a mac. Living in English this is pretty much a staple and is perfect for the upcoming festival season. I love the print of this! This costs £29 and is available here.
❀ The dress underneath is also lovely! The dress is a belted bandeau and has a lovely print! This print is featured alot in the new Love Label collection for Very and i love it! This dress retails for £29 and is available here.

Next up is handbags!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
These pictures were taken from the websites of the companies stated or google

With mothers day only a few days way (This Sunday here in the UK), its time to get the gifts ready! So if you haven't already sorted out a gift for your mum for sunday this post is for you!

I love personalised cards, funky pigeon is my favourite website for this funky pigeon they have a great range of cards available starting from £1.79, their range is available here!

My favourite gift idea is always experience days. For mothers day i think a spa day for 2 is the perfect gift because you get to spend time with your parent and its a great day out! My favourite spa day deal is available from Virgin Experience Days and is a Spa Retreat & Afternoon Tea, this deal is 50% at the moment at £39. This deal is available here.

Real Techniques Blush Brush | Review

Real Techniques Blush Brush

This brush is my new favourite! The brush is created by Samantha Chapman (pixiwoo) and all of the brushes from the real techniques range are made from synthetic hair and are 100% cruelty free! The brushes are also colour coded by the handles, gold for flawless base, purple or enhanced eyes and pink for perfect finish.

The brush itself is super soft and i look forward to using it everyday! Its really easy to use if your a beginner or a pro, its great for everyone. The brush distributes the blush really well on the cheeks giving you the perfect cheek look.

Tangle Teezer | Review

Tangle Teezer | Review
Happy Sunday!

This hair brush is amazing. There are quite a lot of reviews on this hair brush at the moment and i can totally understand why. My dad actually picked this out for my birthday, i have no idea how he knew about it and got the one i actually wanted, mum must have told him! 

Myself and my little sister have really long thick hair which gets super tangled, specially my sisters and since we have been using this brush on her hair she has stopped saying it hurts and is actually willing to have her hair brushed so it must be good!

Tangle Teezer | Review
The bristles

This hair brush can be used on wet and dry hair. This brush works extra amazing on wet hair, because my hair is so thick i have to brush it when its wet and i found with my old hair brush that it actually made much more hair fall out and made the hair stretch, this with one it doesn't! It glides through wet hair so easily removing all of the tangles without damaging my hair! 

Haul: Nails inc Lucky Dip!!

As i mentioned last week, i had made a cheeky nails inc purchase when i saw the lucky dip sale i couldn't pass it up! I purchased the special effects set and i was extremely pleased with what i got!

Nails inc Lucky Dip!!

Im so pleased with the selection that i got, i got the following shades (from left to right) are....
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