Tangle Teezer | Review

Tangle Teezer | Review
Happy Sunday!

This hair brush is amazing. There are quite a lot of reviews on this hair brush at the moment and i can totally understand why. My dad actually picked this out for my birthday, i have no idea how he knew about it and got the one i actually wanted, mum must have told him! 

Myself and my little sister have really long thick hair which gets super tangled, specially my sisters and since we have been using this brush on her hair she has stopped saying it hurts and is actually willing to have her hair brushed so it must be good!

Tangle Teezer | Review
The bristles

This hair brush can be used on wet and dry hair. This brush works extra amazing on wet hair, because my hair is so thick i have to brush it when its wet and i found with my old hair brush that it actually made much more hair fall out and made the hair stretch, this with one it doesn't! It glides through wet hair so easily removing all of the tangles without damaging my hair! 

This hair brush is without a doubt my new favourite! The only problem i have with it isn't with the brush itself its actually with my own hair, because my hair is so thick its had to pick up the hair on the back of my head with this brush so i do have to use a different one for this.

I also find this brush really easy to hold because of its shape and it fits perfectly in my hand!

I have the tangle teezer original in purple disco and it is available from Amazon, Boots, Asos, Beautybay and The Tangle Teezer website, Retailing at around £10 depending on where you purchase from!



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