American Beauty Wishlist + How To Get Your Hands On Them!

One of the most annoying things about living in England, other than the weather, is that we can't get hold of alot of the great products available in the States! .. Until now! I have found a few of the american beauty products which are raved about in the states, at reasonable prices that are available in the UK, so i thought i would share these with you!

American Beauty Wishlist

First up is the EOS Lip Balms, as soon as payday comes around next week i think ill be making a purchase of these babies! Heres the different ones i found:
❀ Individual Lip Balms, retailing at £5.85 with free postage, available in all flavours, available here
❀ 5 pack of lip balms, retailing for £24.95 with an extra 99p for postage. Available Here.
❀4 pack, including three sphere and one stick. Retails for £19.95 (I think im going to get this one!) Available Here.
Sticking with lip balm is the Maybelline Babylips, ive heard that these are going to launch in the UK later this year but for those of you that can't wait they are available here. They retail for about £7 each with free delivery!

Next up is covergirl mascara, all of the covergirl mascara's are available here. They retail between £3.25 and £7.20! 

And finally is Bath & Body Works products! I really want the hand gels! Here is my favourites from the brand:
❀Hand Gels, retailing for £2.90 a piece with free postage are available here!
❀ Hand Soap, retailing for £7.45 with free postage are available here.
❀ Candles these retail for £24.95 each with free postage aswell, a little expensive for what they are! Available here.

Whats on your american wishlist?

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