Step Into Spring | Clothing + Accessories

With the weather in England being pretty horrible and depressing, i have been browsing online for spring clothes and accessories. I want sunny weather so badly! Here are some of my favourite clothing items and bags for spring!

Step Into Spring
All images have been taken from the very website

All of these clothing items are from Very from the Love Label brand. From left to right is..

❀Blue Coloured Supersoft Skinny Jeans retailing for £25. I love these jeans, the colour is beautiful perfect for spring! Available here.
❀ Pattern Intarsia Jumper at £29. I love the design of this jumper and the colours i think its a really nice piece. This jumper is available here.
❀Next is this beautiful black dress with shoulder cut outs (have seen alot of this lately) and i love it! At the bottom of the dress is some cut out flower detail. This dress costs £32 and is available here.
❀ Next up is an animal print pac a mac. Living in English this is pretty much a staple and is perfect for the upcoming festival season. I love the print of this! This costs £29 and is available here.
❀ The dress underneath is also lovely! The dress is a belted bandeau and has a lovely print! This print is featured alot in the new Love Label collection for Very and i love it! This dress retails for £29 and is available here.

Next up is handbags!

Step Into Spring
All images taken from the ASOS website

I love these bags, if i could i would purchase them all! From top left is..

❀ A pastel purple satchel bag with scallop trip and buckles. I love the scallop detail on this bag i think its beautiful and i definaitly want to get a bag with this type of detail! This bag is available here for £22.
❀ Next up is a mint green studded pochette. The colour of this bag is lovely, mint green is one of my favourite colours! This bag is my River Island and is available here for £20.
❀ Finally, is my favourite. This bag is made from leather and has lovely punch out detail. I am in love with this bag. Although it is more expensive than the others, costing £70 and is available here. As soon as this bag goes into the sale i will be purchasing!

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