Favourite Fragrance Friday + Giveaway Update!

Favourite Fragrance Friday + Giveaway Update!

Lately, i have been loving my 'Hello Darling' body fragrance. The Victoria's Secret mists are my favourite because of their scent range, there really is something for everyone! The mists have excellent smell pay off and do last for quite a long time. The fragrance is also available in body lotion, perfume, body wash and Body Scrub.

Hello Darling is described as white nectarine and peony, having no idea what either of those actually smell like all i can say is that it smells so gooood. Its extremely sweet but not too overpowering. If you don't like sweet scents you won't like this one. 

The Victoria's Secret body range is on 3 for £21 or 5 for £25 in the UK if you wish to get your hands on them! They currently have stores in Westfield Stratford and on New Bond Street with stores opening soon in Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds.

Now onto the exciting news about the giveaway....

Essie Neo Whimsical & Fiji | Review + Comparison

Essie Neo Whimsical & Fiji | Review + Comparison

When i did a cheeky fragrance direct purchase the other day, i purchased Neo Whimsical and when i got it in the post i thought it was a bit of a waste because it looked so similar to fiji. Having got both colours i quickly got fiji out to compare.

Both look extremely similar in the bottle, Fiji is defiantly more white where as Neo Whimsical is more Pink.

Neo Whimsical applies more opaque and only needed two coats which i love where as Fiji because of the colour being so light, i some times struggle with it because it needs three coats which takes a lot longer to dry.

Essie Neo Whimsical & Fiji | Review + Comparison

eBay Bargain #1

eBay Bargain #1

I had watched the real version of this necklace for ages (House of Harlow), i just thought it was beautiful. During one of my late night ebay browsing sessions, i found this beauty! And it cost a grand total of.....

£1.28!!! A complete steal! Although, it is from China so did take a little while to get here, look less than ten days for me but this will differ depending on your location.

The quality for the price is pretty good, not chipped in the colour or anything. Also my main worry for this necklace would be that it would be too heavy, but it isn't its so light on me that i hardly feel it on when i wear it!

eBay Bargain #1

High End Wishlist #1 | Beauty Edition

Like most girls, i lust over so many things online, damn you internet! From handbags to beauty to shoes i have loads of things which i would love if they weren't so expensive!

❀ Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara £23; At that price it would be okay for any other make up item but for a mascara i…

Shoes, Jewellery & Bags | Prom Series

This is the second post of my prom series. I had the hardest time picking my shoes. Having been to two proms i know what was the best and the second shoes and bag i picked was my favourite because i knew more of what i wanted!


These Steven Madden shoes are from tkmaxx retailing for £24.99. Available in both silver and nude. I think these shoes are good but not over the top. Would look great with both long and short dresses and would go with most style dresses.

These silver sling-backs are from Next and retail for £30 and are available in both regular and wide fit. I really like the platform on these and will go great with most dresses. These are my favourite high shoes i have picked.

These shoes are from next and retail for £23. These are almost exactly the same as the shoes i wore for my prom last year. If your like me and extremely tall, sandals are perfect, if you are wearing a long dress you most likely won't see the shoes anyway. And why not be comfortable for a night of dancing instead of awkwardly trying to walk in heels by the end of the night. These would be my pick!

Payday Want List #1

With payday fast approaching i have been doing a lot of online browsing. Apart from doing a big fragrance direct purchase, this is some of the things i will hopefully pick up this month!
Top to Bottom (L-R) are..
❀ Pink Mulberry Copy Bag; this are all over eBay and i am in love with the pink one, i t…

My Prom Dress Picks | Prom Series

I love Prom. It was one of the best nights of my life and if i could relive it i would. For girls, the dress is one of the most important things, along with having a date and making sure no one else has the same dress as you. At my prom, i actually had the same dress on as someone else which sucked but as she was late everyone was saying she had the same dress as me which made it a little better. 

I have picked three long dresses and three short dresses. These are my favourites are hours of browsing online.

Short Dresses..

This dress is by Forever Unique, this brand create stunning dresses and i wish i knew about it when it was my prom because i would have had a dress from there. This dress is a really pale pink with beautiful detail around the middle which continues onto the back. This dress retails for £220 so it is more on the expensive side for a dress which you are likely to only wear once. 

This dress is my Little Mistress, this was the brand that my dress was and i cannot say enough good things about it. I love the one shoulder detail on this one and the colours work really well together. This dress is actually in the sale on Republics website for a steal of £36. 

This dress is actually from WishWantWear, which is a service which allows you to rent designer dresses at a fraction of the price. This dress retails for £265 but can be rented from £45. I think this dress is really cute and fun and the detail on the top is beautiful.

Fragrance Direct Haul #1

This website is my new favourite. I love it. Fragrance Direct is a website which sells a lot of discounted beauty products, from perfumes to nail polish to make up. They have quite a big range of products. I had seen a few hauls previously from this website and i mainly made an order because of the great deal on Essie polishes. I purchased:

❀ 3 Essie Polishes; Mojito Madness, Bikini So Teeny, Neo Whimsical. I mainly wanted Bikini So Teeny because of Macbarbie07 on Youtube, i just love her and she mentioned this in her favourites and i had to get it! These polishes were £1.99 each, cannot believe the deal here. These normally are £6.99/7.99 depending on where you purchase from.
❀ Sally Hansen Dry Kwik; i got this because i always mes sup my nails straight after i do them and it really bugs me and my previous drying top coat had just ran out so when i saw this i thought it was worth a go. This was £1.50
❀ Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in 340 Girl Flower; i had seen this in tkmaxx because and always wish i picked them up. These were £1.99 and i thought these would be great for summer just on one nail as a cool effect!

Avon Haul #1

With my bedroom being in a complete state, due to redecorating, it has become really hard to be able to take pictures so i had to fight with the wind to take these so i hope they are okay! I made a little avon purchase a few weeks ago with my local rep because i thought there was great deals and products in the last catalogue.

For hair care i purchased..

❀ Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask; i have used other products from this line before and really loved them so i thought i would give this a try and i will let you know what i think about it once i have tried it. This product was a bargain at £2.75, i think it was on offer but if it is good i will be stocking up if i see them on offer again.
❀ Naturals Conditioning Balm With Almond Oil & Avocado (for dry/damaged hair); again this was on an offer so i thought i would give it a try. As i dye my hair and use quite a lot of heat my hair is pretty damaged so hopefully this will help. This was on a three for £3 deal. So this was only £1!

I purchased two shower gels which were within the three for £3 deal. I picked Senses Mystique and Citrus Burst. They both smell really good, cannot wait to start using them.

Now for the beauty items..

Collective Beauty Haul

Over the past few weeks, i have made a lot more beauty purchases, i also have a Avon haul and a fragrance direct haul coming up soon! Most of the things in this post is mainly what i needed. 

We have...

❀ Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish; i had just ran out so i quickly ordered one and for an extra £1 or something i could get two muslin cloths so i thought i might aswell! This was around the £14/15 mark.
❀ Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo & Conditioner; got these on offer for £1.89 each.
❀ VO5 Heat Product; this is my favourite one at the moment and i had just ran out, this was about £3.50
❀ Got 2 B Oil; i had been using a different oil but found this one and i love it. It was about £4.
❀ Simple Face Wipes; i did not actually purchase these myself, these were sent to me from Simple for being a Simple VIP and im quite excited to try these!
❀ MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter £2
❀ MUA Lipstick in Shade 7; i love these lipsticks and for £1 you cannot go wrong!
❀ Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick in 030 Pink Lollipop; i got this on eBay for about £3.50 and i really like it so far, doesn't give much colour but they smell amazing! I think i will purchase the orange one next!

The Shopaholic Tag

I saw this tag on Louise's blog and i loved it! 

How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?

I must have been about 15 when i started shopping alot. 

How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits after shopping?

I normally feel really gulity if i have spent alot. And my weird habit would be as of now taking pictures of what i brought for my blog, which my mum finds extremely odd.

What are your top 5 favourite stores to shop at and why?

Primark because its cheap and i love the clothes and shoes in there, 90% of my wardrobe is primark. Superdrug because i love beauty items and they stock MUA which i am loving at the moment. eBay (if that counts) because i love to find good deals and i always buy iPhone cases on there! 99p Stores as odd as this is, i love some of the foods they stock in there, they have these little crisps which are like bagels and i just cannot get enough of them! And finally H&M they have the best jeans which are only £9.99!

What item do you have most of in your closet?

Tops, i have millions of different options for the top half but on the bottom i have about seven in total!

Bedroom Inspiration

As i have mentioned in a few posts.. i am in the middle of redoracting my bedroom and as i share my bedroom with my little sister we had to meet in the middle, if i had my own way i would have everything black and white but we are going for pastel colours and white which i am happy with! I would share the photo's of my current state of my bedroom but it isn't a pretty site! The items featured in the picture above are all options that myself and my mum are considering for my bedroom, which are:

I Saw One Direction!!

Last Saturday  myself, mum, dad and little sister went up to the o2 to see One Direction. Its safe to say that i am the best sister in the world, taking a nine year old to see her favourite people ever! It was amazing, i am 19 and i am a big 1D fan. Our seats where on level four but still could see everything fine! We went to go to the 1D World shop but with a queue for an hour and a half we skipped that! When we walked round to the shop, we got told to move out of the way and they put barriers up so we waited just in case, although we didn't see much but we saw someone on a segway which when i went on twitter later apparently it was Niall but you never know! Its safe to say i had the best time and would happily see them again!

Beauty Wishlist #1

Maybelline Pop Stick in Pink Lollipop; i love the idea of these even though i have used they don't have much colour pay off i think these will be great for the upcoming spring/summer! ❀ Models Own Nail Polish in Blueberry Muffin; such a lovely colour and i love the idea of it being scented! ❀ T…

Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-Licious | Review

I love any hair product with argon oil in, it does wonders for my hair and i cannot fault it. Having said that i have tried a lot of different oils and each time i try a new one it becomes my new favourite and this one i think i will stick to using for a while!

One of my favourite things about this oil is that it has an amazing smell, i am rubbish at discribing smells but, to me it smells like a Hollister store. I asked my mum what it smelt like and she said the same so it can't just be me! The smell does stay on the hair but it doesn't last all day and isn't over powering.

The oil claims to;

❀ Instantly absorb
❀ Smooth and give shine
❀ Tames hair

I really didn't have high hopes for this product as i am not a massive fan of other products from the Got 2 B range but this does all the things it claims to do. My hair looks 100 times better when i use this product and i do really notice the difference when i don't use it. I have quite long hair which had been dyed alot and had heat used on it regularly which means i have a lot of split ends and this oil really help make them not so noticeable.

April Wishlist

All picture's are taken from the links below.
Kelly Brook for New Look Swimsuit; £24.99Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation; £8.99H&M Panda iPhone Case; £4.99OPI Matte Topcoat Set; £11H&M Bracelet Set; £2.99Tresor Paris Earrings; £14Wildfox Couture Jumper; £101
What is on your wish…

EOS Lip Balm | Review

The EOS lip balms are highly raved about in the US and sadly they aren't really available in the UK, unless you search the web for them! I really hope they start selling these in the UK soon, i for one would buy every single flavour! I believe in the US they retail for $2.99 but i would be completely wrong on that one.

Today i will be reviewing the Mint one. I love mint things, i love the way they make my lips feel all cool which is why i wanted to try this one so much! EOS lip balms are so popular because of there sphere shape which makes them different to any other lip balm! 

The lip balm makes the lips extremely smooth, i went to the zoo last week and got extremely dry lips so i really put this lip balm to the test, and it worked wonders! Within two days of using this my lips were back to normal. Once applied the lip balm it lasted really well, through lots of talking, drinking and eating it stayed put. 


I know it has taken me ages to get this post up but i have been super busy! This give away is to say thank you, i hit 100 followers a few weeks back and was over the moon, that might not be a lot to come people but to me its massive!

This give away is UK only sadly, as this is my first give away i want to make sure everything goes correctly, but hopefully my next one will be international! The giveaway will be open from today until the 26th of April! I will contact the winner within one week of the giveaway closing and write a blog post notifying you all and if i do not get a email response within 5 days i will re-choose the winner! The winner will be chosen at random!

Whats in the giveaway?

❀ A small make up bag, from primark! 
❀ 2 MUA Eyeliners, a black with glitter and a white 
❀3 Pairs of eyelashes!
❀ MUA Mascara
❀ MUA Undress Me Too Palette
❀ 4 Phone dust Plugs, i love these!

Collection eBay Haul #1

As i have said many times before, i have a slight eBay addiction! Here is a collection of the things i have purchased lately...

The biggest thing i purchased from eBay lately is my Celine Replica bag, i love this bag so much! It only cost £18 so a complete bargain and i am getting so many compliments on it! My post all about this bag is here. And if you wish to purchase this bag, it is available here! 

The main things i purchase on eBay is iPhone cases. The first one is a yellow bunny base! This case was a total of 99p and i thought it was great for easter! The next case is just a simple bumper case, i love how this looks when it was on and this was £1.49! The next case is my favourite, it is from Victoria's Secret and when i went to the store on my birthday the main thing i wanted to get was a phone case but i didn't find any so when i was browsing through eBay and saw this i had to get it! It was £9.99 so about the same price as it would have been if i brought it in the store.

What's In My Make-up Bag? #1

I try to keep all of the make up i use on a regular basis in one place to save time when i get ready! The make up i am currently using, i love. My best friend got me this as a late birthday present and i love the print! It is from Ted Baker.

Face Products

❀ Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets; i love these, i use them everyday!
❀ 2x Garnier Roll-On Dark Circles Concealer; i have a back up of this as my current one is about to run out and i cannot live without it! I have these in shade 02 Fair.
❀ Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent; I must have gone through about five of these! I love it and at about £3.99 you cannot go wrong with this product!
❀ Benefit's Powder-Time Lover; im almost all out of this product! My favourite from it is Dallas.
❀ Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in shade 110 Ivory; cannot fault this foundation! Lasts all day and Covers all readness1
❀ Collection's Concealer in shade 1 Fair; don't actually know the name of this because its rubbed off! But this is the best concealer i have ever used!
❀ Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in light; great for those days when i don't wait a full on foundation!
❀ Victoria's Secret Cheek Love in shade Dollface; its a great pink! 
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