Bedroom Inspiration

As i have mentioned in a few posts.. i am in the middle of redoracting my bedroom and as i share my bedroom with my little sister we had to meet in the middle, if i had my own way i would have everything black and white but we are going for pastel colours and white which i am happy with! I would share the photo's of my current state of my bedroom but it isn't a pretty site! The items featured in the picture above are all options that myself and my mum are considering for my bedroom, which are:

❀ Pink Pillow with Bunny's on; H&M £4.99
❀ Bedside Table with 2 Draws; Ikea £25
❀ Day Bed with Draws; Ikea £260
❀ White Wood Bed; Argos £129.99
❀ 3 Draw Chest; Ikea £35
❀ White Wardrobe with Seethrough Pannels
❀ White Bedding with Lace detail; H&M £24.99
❀ White Chandelier; Argos £34.98



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