The Shopaholic Tag

I saw this tag on Louise's blog and i loved it! 

How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?

I must have been about 15 when i started shopping alot. 

How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits after shopping?

I normally feel really gulity if i have spent alot. And my weird habit would be as of now taking pictures of what i brought for my blog, which my mum finds extremely odd.

What are your top 5 favourite stores to shop at and why?

Primark because its cheap and i love the clothes and shoes in there, 90% of my wardrobe is primark. Superdrug because i love beauty items and they stock MUA which i am loving at the moment. eBay (if that counts) because i love to find good deals and i always buy iPhone cases on there! 99p Stores as odd as this is, i love some of the foods they stock in there, they have these little crisps which are like bagels and i just cannot get enough of them! And finally H&M they have the best jeans which are only £9.99!

What item do you have most of in your closet?

Tops, i have millions of different options for the top half but on the bottom i have about seven in total!

What's the most you've ever spent in one shopping trip?

Most recently, on my birthday i went to London and went to Victoria Secret and then to Westfield Stratford and i think i must have spent near £350 with everything, but it was my birthday and i did save money since just after Christmas. I blame my mum she tells me i need everything!

Do you ever experience shoppers regret?

Not really, sometimes if i have just gone a bit crazy and brought everything.

What was something you regretted buying?

I brought a Mischa Barton bag which i think was about £70 and i did really want it but then when i got it i used it for about a month and never used it again but i recently gave it to my mum and she loves it so i guess its okay now!

Do you buy the same item in different colours?

Yes, i have a few tops that if i have really liked the style ill buy all of the different colours and patterns.

Do you ever use dressing rooms?

No i cannot stand them!

Do you prefer to go shopping alone, or with others? And who is your favourite shopping buddy?

I like to go shopping with others and my mum is my favourite to go shopping with because she always gives her honest opinion, even if i dont want to hear it and she makes me laugh.

If you could go shopping with a celebrity who would it be and why?

I think it would have to be Khloe Kardashian Odom because i really like her style and she seems so funny and i just love her in general.

If you could go shopping with a blogger/youtuber who would it be and why?

Zoe (Zoella) or Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) because they both have really nice styles and they seem so lovely.

What's your favourite treat, snack, drink during or after shopping?

A starbucks or if im really bad, almost always, its a cheeky McDonalds! 

What is something you've always wanted to buy but never had the money to do so?

A mulberry or Celine bag, they are just so beautiful and to me, they are classic bags which i know i would get so much use out of if i ever did bite the bullet and purchase the real deal!

 If you had £1,000 to spend on anything you want, what would you splurge on?

A Mulberry Alexia bag and maybe a few make up bits.

17. Are you a proud shopaholic?

Yes, my mum says i actually have an addiction, online shopping is my weakness!

I tag everyone to do this! If you have done this, leave your posts below as i would love to read them!



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