I Saw One Direction!!

Last Saturday  myself, mum, dad and little sister went up to the o2 to see One Direction. Its safe to say that i am the best sister in the world, taking a nine year old to see her favourite people ever! It was amazing, i am 19 and i am a big 1D fan. Our seats where on level four but still could see everything fine! We went to go to the 1D World shop but with a queue for an hour and a half we skipped that! When we walked round to the shop, we got told to move out of the way and they put barriers up so we waited just in case, although we didn't see much but we saw someone on a segway which when i went on twitter later apparently it was Niall but you never know! Its safe to say i had the best time and would happily see them again!

They did quite a long set which was amazing and they had a little stage in the middle which meant i would see them better and they did Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which made me and my sister laugh alot. I also had what i would call a 'Super Fan' in front of where i was sitting and all she did was screech through the whole thing and new all the dances which was quite funny to my sister!



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