Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-Licious | Review

I love any hair product with argon oil in, it does wonders for my hair and i cannot fault it. Having said that i have tried a lot of different oils and each time i try a new one it becomes my new favourite and this one i think i will stick to using for a while!

One of my favourite things about this oil is that it has an amazing smell, i am rubbish at discribing smells but, to me it smells like a Hollister store. I asked my mum what it smelt like and she said the same so it can't just be me! The smell does stay on the hair but it doesn't last all day and isn't over powering.

The oil claims to;

❀ Instantly absorb
❀ Smooth and give shine
❀ Tames hair

I really didn't have high hopes for this product as i am not a massive fan of other products from the Got 2 B range but this does all the things it claims to do. My hair looks 100 times better when i use this product and i do really notice the difference when i don't use it. I have quite long hair which had been dyed alot and had heat used on it regularly which means i have a lot of split ends and this oil really help make them not so noticeable.

 The oil has three different uses;

❀ Extra-care pre washing
❀ Better manageability pre styling on damp hair
❀ Sleek finish on dry hair

The product itself is yellowy/orange and isn't overly thick so it doesn't weigh my hair down. It makes my hair feel so much stronger and looks a hell of a lot shiner which i love!

The oil is around £4 for 50ml. Have you tried this?, let me know your thoughts on it below. My 100 follower giveaway is still open so if you haven't already make sure you enter here!



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