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I love Prom. It was one of the best nights of my life and if i could relive it i would. For girls, the dress is one of the most important things, along with having a date and making sure no one else has the same dress as you. At my prom, i actually had the same dress on as someone else which sucked but as she was late everyone was saying she had the same dress as me which made it a little better. 

I have picked three long dresses and three short dresses. These are my favourites are hours of browsing online.

Short Dresses..

This dress is by Forever Unique, this brand create stunning dresses and i wish i knew about it when it was my prom because i would have had a dress from there. This dress is a really pale pink with beautiful detail around the middle which continues onto the back. This dress retails for £220 so it is more on the expensive side for a dress which you are likely to only wear once. 

This dress is my Little Mistress, this was the brand that my dress was and i cannot say enough good things about it. I love the one shoulder detail on this one and the colours work really well together. This dress is actually in the sale on Republics website for a steal of £36. 

This dress is actually from WishWantWear, which is a service which allows you to rent designer dresses at a fraction of the price. This dress retails for £265 but can be rented from £45. I think this dress is really cute and fun and the detail on the top is beautiful.

Long Dresses...

This dress is also by Forever Unique. I absolutely love this dress i think the back detail is stunning, to really show of the back detail, have a beautiful hair updo. This dress is on the expensive side at £250.

This dress is by Little Mistress and its very simple yet stunning. This would be a great dress on everyone. This dress is adorable at £65. As this dress as an elasticated back it means you wont have to spend the whole night worrying about it falling down.

This dress is also by Little Mistress and was designed by Sam & Billie from The Only Way Is Essex. I think this dress is lovely and the silver gem detail really makes the dress. This dress is in the sale on for £52.

These are my prom dress picks, i love them all and would have trouble picking just one!


*This is not a sponsored post, none of the items are mine and were all taken from the companies websites which have been stated*


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