Collection eBay Haul #1

As i have said many times before, i have a slight eBay addiction! Here is a collection of the things i have purchased lately...

The biggest thing i purchased from eBay lately is my Celine Replica bag, i love this bag so much! It only cost £18 so a complete bargain and i am getting so many compliments on it! My post all about this bag is here. And if you wish to purchase this bag, it is available here! 

The main things i purchase on eBay is iPhone cases. The first one is a yellow bunny base! This case was a total of 99p and i thought it was great for easter! The next case is just a simple bumper case, i love how this looks when it was on and this was £1.49! The next case is my favourite, it is from Victoria's Secret and when i went to the store on my birthday the main thing i wanted to get was a phone case but i didn't find any so when i was browsing through eBay and saw this i had to get it! It was £9.99 so about the same price as it would have been if i brought it in the store.

The first beauty item i purchased was this essie mini duo, i love this little set it was extremely cheap at £2.99 i couldn't pass it up! Next up is an EOS Lip Balm in Mint, i love this i have been using it everyday since i got it! I have actually ordered another in Honeysuckle but it hasn't come yet because i had some issues with my paypal account but it should be here in week or so! This lip balm was £5.85 but completely worth it!

Have you purchased anything from eBay lately?



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