EOS Lip Balm | Review

The EOS lip balms are highly raved about in the US and sadly they aren't really available in the UK, unless you search the web for them! I really hope they start selling these in the UK soon, i for one would buy every single flavour! I believe in the US they retail for $2.99 but i would be completely wrong on that one.

Today i will be reviewing the Mint one. I love mint things, i love the way they make my lips feel all cool which is why i wanted to try this one so much! EOS lip balms are so popular because of there sphere shape which makes them different to any other lip balm! 

The lip balm makes the lips extremely smooth, i went to the zoo last week and got extremely dry lips so i really put this lip balm to the test, and it worked wonders! Within two days of using this my lips were back to normal. Once applied the lip balm it lasted really well, through lots of talking, drinking and eating it stayed put. 

I think the UK version of these lip balms are the Balmi ones, i am yet to try that brand of lip balm so i cannot do a comparison. 

Where can you get your hands on these?

Depending on where you purchase from will depend on the price, for this lip balm that i am reviewing i paid £5.85. 

Would i repurchase?

100% percent! I really want to try the summer fruit one and i also want to try the EOS hand creams!

Let me know if you have tried these and what your thoughts are.



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