March Favourites 2014 | Hannah Heartss

This month I have found some new products that I have fallen in love with as well as rekindling my love for some old favourites. I have kind of put myself on a spending ban as I brought a V Festival Ticket and I'm going into London next week to see Boyce Avenue, so I thought it would be best to try and save some money where I can. Some of these products I actually hated at first try but now they have become favourites which I will properly repurchase until the end of time. 

March Favourites
My first favourite this month is Benefits Stay Don't Stray. I won this in a giveaway along with some other Benefit mini's and I  had completely forgotten about for a little while and one day when I was applying to make up I decided to give it a go and I feel in love. When I say it kept my eyeshadow put all day, I mean it. Normally my eyeshadow wears off by about 5pm but this kept it all there until I took my take up off! Will defiantly be purchasing a full size when I run out of this!

Skincare Focus: Liz Earle | Hannah Heartss

Two years ago, my skin was dry and oily at the same time as well as having pretty bad acne and redness. My mum actually recommended that I try Liz Earle as she used it when she was younger and loved it. I used to sit and watch the QVC shows and demos with my mum all the time and two years back my Dad actually got me my first Liz Earle products (Well done Dad!). Ever since that Christmas I have always used Cleanse and Polish and I have slowly been trying out more from the brand and I'm almost sure between myself and my mum we own almost everything. I cannot say enough great things about Liz Earle, it has changed my skin for the better and I will continue to purchase until the end.

Liz Earle

Spring Nail Art Inspiration | Hannah Heartss

With Spring officially spring in England, I have been obsessed with all things spring, especially pastel colours and florals. I love trying out different nail art designs for very occasion but 90% off the time I fail so I'm very jealous of all you ladies you can do great nail art. I normally cheat when it comes to nail art and use stickers because I fail so much but I am defiantly going to try some of these designs out or get a friend to have a go at doing them on me! None of the designs featured in this post are mine sadly, I'm just not that good, all designs were found on pinterest.

Spring Nail Art
Nail Art photos and designs from Pinterest. 

Sephora Wishlist | Hannah Heartss

Ever since Sephora had announced that they now ship to the UK I have pretty much been on the site daily having a browse. For years and years I have been so jealous of all the amazing beauty products that you can get in the States and the prices are pretty cheap over there compared to here in the UK! I think I am going to save up and order a couple of things from Sephora so here is what is currently on my wishlist...

Sephora Wishlist

Today's Face #2 | Hannah Heartss

I have a stupid amount of make up, blaming it on the blog, so I have been trying to create different looks and use a different combination of products every day and I was quite happy with today's look so I thought I would share it with you today. I try and use a range of drugstore/high street and high end products so that the looks and products are more accessible to everyone. Here is today's look...

The Products
Todays Face

Lip Focus: Revlon | Hannah Heartss

I have been loving lip products lately, specially Revlon. To me, they are the best drugstore/high street products out there which is making me want to buy every shade.. not so good for my bank balance! I hate lipsticks and glosses which for the longest time put me off lip products all together and for years I would only year lip balm until I found these products which are the Lacquer Balms, Matte Balms and Lip Butters

Lacquer & Matte Balms

Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms

NEW IN: Beauty | Hannah Heartss

Over the past two weeks or so I have gathered quite a few beauty items when I wasn't meant to be shopping. I had won a couple of giveaway's and my mum had picked me up some bits so I thought I would share them with you all because everybody likes a haul! Lately, I have been obsessed with lip products so 80% of this post is lip products, I have no shame. Here's my new beauty products...

Beauty Haul March 2014

Beauty Wishlist #4 | Hannah Heartss

As usual, I have been lusting over so many beauty products. I feel like my wishlists are never ending and I think it is mainly because I want to test out new products and things from brands that I haven't tried before for my blog! I don't own a whole lot of high end make up and I would like to start adding a few higher end pieces into my collection. I have also been in love with some new lip products so I am trying not to buy too many until a use up one or two! Here's what's on my wishlist currently...

Benefit Big Easy Foundation Review and Swatches

Review: Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum | Hannah Heartss

Recently, I have been having a few problems with my skin. It has been so sensitive to everything that I normally use (make up and skincare etc) which has led my skin to have a reaction to something, still have no clue what, which made my skin flake off around my eyes and my whole face was so sore and dry... until I used this product. This is the Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum* and I can honestly say this is a wonder product. 

Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum

Mother's Day Gifts With Ted Baker | Hannah Heartss

Mother's Day is next Sunday here in the UK and Ted Baker is come of my favourite brands, as well as my mums so I thought I would share some of my must have gifts for Mother's Day this year. Ted Baker do everything, from clothing and shoes to Beauty and Jewellery, there is something for every price range! I feel that Ted Baker is one of those brands that you could purchase something for a teenager or your nan, my little sister likes Ted Baker and so does my mum (there is about a 30 year difference for example). 

Ted Baker

Today's Face #1 | Hannah Heartss

Recently I have been trying out lots of different products and have been super happy with my make up daily so I thought I would start posting some of the make up looks that I really like. I have been trying to get a little more adventurous with my make up as it is morning just quite standard, black eye liner, mascara and foundation but now I'm trying to make more of an effort to wear eye shadow and lip products! 

The Products

Get Ready With Me

What's In My Bag? #3 | Hannah Heartss

So, i got a new handbag for Spring and the only way i could justify buying a new one when i have millions already is if i do a Whats In My Bag post, which is why i am here today! I am in love with this handbag, its from Accessorize and it was only £32 which is a completely steal because they bag is amazing. I have this bag in the colour Lilac but they also stock it in Navy, Coral and Green. One of the things i love about this bag is that the inside isn't black, why do bag makers do that! It makes it so hard to find anything, the inside of this bag is the same colour as the outside so i would think the bag in other colours would be the same colour as the bag too. The bag also has one large zip pocket on one side and two little pockets on the other. 

Georgia Winged Handheld Bag

My Body Care Essentials | Hannah Heartss

Lately, i have been really trying to make an effort to take care of my skin. I always slack when it comes to moisturising and then i complain when my skin is dry and sore so i have decided to make a conscious effort to make sure i don't get ouchy skin any more. Since starting this, i have found the perfect combination of products that keep my skin smooth and super soft so i thought it was only right to share them with you all! 

Body Care Essentials

Lets start with shower gel as that is the first product i use in taking care of my skin. Since using slightly more expensive shower gels i have noticed that my skin thanks me for it and im pretty sure thats down to the nicer ingredients in them, the one i am currently loving is from The Body Shop in the Scent Vanilla Bliss. As you can guess from the name, it smells like vanilla which i love as the scent slightly lingers on the skin so you smell sweet through out the day. 

Spring Wishlist | Hannah Heartss

Spring has Sprung in England and im so happy. All i want to do is sit outside and wear pastel coloured items. This weather makes me so excited for the summer, bring on V Festival! There is a few items on my wishlist for spring so i thought i would share them with you today and surprise surprise, everything is pastel themed. I can't wait to start wearing less layers and more fun colours!

Here is what is currently on my Spring wishlist!
Spring 2014 Trends

Review: Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water | Hannah Heartss

Ever since I mentioned this in my What I Got For My Birthday and Skincare Routine Posts, i have gotten a few comments and tweets asking for a review for this. This is the Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water and boy do i love this stuff! I have been trying this out along side another one and am hoping to pick a few more different micellar waters from different brands to do one massive comparison post, any specific ones you want to see reviewed?! This one is the best one i have tried so far and heres why...

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water
I took this photo just after i had got it for my birthday, i have used about half of it now promise!

US Beauty Swap With Rosina Diaries | Hannah Heartss

Back in the beginning of February, Ro tweeted that she wanted to do a swap with a UK based blogger so I jumped at the chance! We quickly got emailing about setting limits and when we would ship out our boxes, I was super excited! We sent each other a list of a couple of things we really wanted to try and then the rest was up to us! I had the most fun doing this swap with Ro and because of us doing this swap, I would say she is my best 'blogging' friend. We chat pretty much daily on twitter about Pretty Little Liars and Revenge and I'm sure if we lived in the same place we would be real life best friends.  

Heres what she sent me.... 

USA Beauty Swap Haul 2014

Natural World Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Review | Hannah Heartss

When i got this for my Birthday, i was so excited to try it out! I have stupidly long hair and the ends are so dry and slightly damaged from years of dyeing and heat usage so im all for trying out products that are going to put the moisture back into my hair. This shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all hair types and is paraben free and claims to moisture and nourish the hair as well as smoothing and repairing it while adding softness and shine. That is some big claims and i think it does live up to those claims for me!

The first thing i love about this shampoo and conditioner is the packaging, its simple but i love the colours of the bottle. The blue on the shampoo bottle is actually my favourite colour so i might be a little bit more in love with it than most people might be. Besides the packaging one of the first things i also noticed was the scent of the products, although i cant actually describe the scent, it does smell really nice and it does linger a little bit in my hair which is great..who doesn't love great smelling hair?! The smell reminds me a little bit of an Aveda product i used years ago but not as strong. 

Beauty Wishlist #3 | Hannah Heartss

Lately i have been on a right beauty product buying kick, i just can't seem to stop! I blame it on blogging and watching too many youtube beauty videos. The only way i can justify buying all these beauty products is to review for you guys, that justifies it right?! Some of these products are newly released and some i just want to try because some of my favourite Youtubers rave about them! Heres my beauty wishlist...

Beauty Wishlist

The first product on my wishlist is the Frat Boy Blush from The Balm. Im not going to lie here, the whole reason i want to try this is because EssieButton raves about it all the time and her cheeks always look lovely. I have only noticed lately that i have a blush buying addiction, i have way more than one person needs so why not add this one to my blush collection. This blush retails for £14.50. 

Perfume Collection 2014 | Hannah Heartss

I have a stupid amount of perfume for one person i would say that im a little bit of a collector of some perfume brands and you'll see what i mean in a minute! I display all of my perfumes and body sprays on a shelf above my bed which is next to my window so they are out of direct sunlight! I have ten perfumes and seven body sprays so i think im pretty much set for perfumes and smelling good for the next five years! On the shelf i display my perfumes on i have a plant and a small yankee candle for decoration, the shelf looked a little empty without the plant and i think it looks nice all together, although it didn't photograph very well *booo* 

Ill warn you now...This is a long post with a lot of photos, go grab yourself a cup of tea quickly!

Barry M Wishlist | Hannah Heartss

For years and years, i have been such a massive Barry M fan. I think i must have had at least 50 different nail polishes from the brand over the past few years, as well as foundations and eye products! This season Barry M has released some of the most gorgeous products ever and i need them all, for blogging purposes of course, so i thought i would share whats on my wishlist currently! If you have tried any of these please leave your reviews and links in the comments.

Lipstick Storage, Mini Collection + Swatches! | Hannah Heartss

Ever since i got some acrylic make up storage for my birthday, i have been obsessed with this lipstick holder. I never used to wear many lip products other than lip balm but i notice i look so much better (trying not to be vain here) with something on my lips! So by having this out all the time it reminds me to apply colour to my lips! Some of the lipsticks in this holder i never actually use but they are too pretty to get rid off!

Acrylic Lipstick Storage

You Beauty Discovery Box March 2014 | Hannah Heartss

The theme of this months box is Best of British and let me just say now, this box seems to get better and better every month so quick...go sign up now!! If you want to check out last months box to see what i meant about it getting better and better you can do so here. There are so many reasons as to why i love this beauty subscription box over any of the others on the market, reason one is the price as it is actually the cheapest on the market at £6.95 a month with P&P included! Reason two is that you can pick two items yourself which i don't think you can do with any of the other beauty boxes out there and 9 times out of 10 they are full size products!

You Beauty Discovery Box March 2014

Ted Baker Nails: The Perfect Combo | Hannah Heartss

I have been a lover of Ted Baker for years now and when i heard about these Nail Polish Duos* i was super excited. These are the perfect shades for spring/summer with the cutest of names. The two shades in this duo are Sweet On You which is a tropical candy pick and Champagne Sundays which is the most beautiful chunky pink glitter in a clear polish and together they make the perfect girly combo. 

Application was a dream. With Sweet on You, i would recommend applying two thin coats as the polish is very creamy and the colour is pretty full on so it may bubble if you paint the coats to heavy. With Champagne Sundays i would dab the glitter to get it where you want it and then apply a another thin coat over the top once the first coat is almost dry. 

Ted Baker Nail Polish Duo

Spring Nail Colours + Swatches | Hannah Heartss

I am in full Spring mode, especially with my nails even though its properly going to rain for the next month and we won't get Spring just yet! I love pastel shades and the occasional brighter shade, they just make my nails look so pretty and fun. Most of these polishes have been my go to Spring/Summer shades for a couple of years and i just love them but this year i have decided to add some new polishes into the mix. The polishes are from Essie, OPI and Barry M, those are actually  my favourite nail polish brands so it doesn't really surprise me that the shades i picked are from those brands. 

Spring Nail Colours 2014

My favourite nail polish from my whole collection is Essie's Fiji. Although i wear this shade pretty much year round, i feel like it is the perfect Spring/Summer shade. Its a really light pink that looks almost white, if you haven't tried it already, you must go buy it.. im enabling you!

Skincare Routine

For the past month or so I have started trying to take better care of my skin. Whenever I slack on my skincare routine my skin hates me for it! I have finally found the right combination of products that give me better skin, after years of searching! I have normal type skin that is slightly acne prone if your wondering. I use the same products morning and night daily but not all the same, i have also found a few masks that really make my skin better when i am at that time of the month and my skin hates me or im just having a bad skin day,(boo bad skin!)

Skincare Routine

Beauty Haul | Hannah Heartss

I just seem to stop shopping at the moment, when i got paid i already had a few things in might that i wanted to try so i thought why not, just pick them up! I have been purchasing a stupid amount of foundations lately and im not too sure what my attraction to them is, i think i am on the hunt for the best drug store/high street foundation (i will report back if i find it!). I also picked up a few things mainly because they were on offer, i cannot resist products when they are cheaper! Here's what i picked up...

Beauty Haul

Naked Hair | Hannah Heartss

I have the worlds most flat hair, i have tried so many different products to add some volume to my hair and almost all hair products fail apart from these. The Naked Volume Body Building Shampoo* and Naked Volume Weightless Conditioner* are the perfect combo for my flat hair. Do you want to know the best part? For both products they cost under £10 for them both! At first, i really thought these products weren't going to work, however after using them once my opinions had completely changed.

Naked Volume Hair

February Favourites | Hannah Heartss

I can't believe its March already and that in the UK we haven't really even had Winter yet, its hardly been cold and i wanted snow :(! This month i have all new product favourites, everything in the post has been featured in either my Beauty Haul or What i got for my birthday posts! Some of these products that have been this months favourites i think i will be repurchasing until the end of time, i can't believe i didn't have them in my life before now!

February Favourites
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