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Lately i have been on a right beauty product buying kick, i just can't seem to stop! I blame it on blogging and watching too many youtube beauty videos. The only way i can justify buying all these beauty products is to review for you guys, that justifies it right?! Some of these products are newly released and some i just want to try because some of my favourite Youtubers rave about them! Heres my beauty wishlist...

Beauty Wishlist

The first product on my wishlist is the Frat Boy Blush from The Balm. Im not going to lie here, the whole reason i want to try this is because EssieButton raves about it all the time and her cheeks always look lovely. I have only noticed lately that i have a blush buying addiction, i have way more than one person needs so why not add this one to my blush collection. This blush retails for £14.50. 

One product i have been really loving is the Revlon Lacquer Balms so which means i need more shades, obviously. The shade i am eyeing is Coquette, its a beautiful pink. I am trying to pick more wearable shades that i can wear on a daily basis rather than the bright in your face colours, ill save those shades for summer time! This retail for around £7.99 depending on where you purchase them from. 

Benefit's newest release is Gimme Brow, i love brow products and i am on the hunt for the perfect combination of products and this looks like something i need to try! I have really small eye brows so im all for trying anything that is going to improve how they look. This retails for £14 on QVC.

The next product on my wishlist is the Real Techniques Silcone Liner Brush. I love gel eye liner but i find it hard to apply without a good brush, the ones i have been using just aren't cutting it any more and they are starting to make it difficult to use gel eye liner so this looks like the perfect brush to try out as its not made up of little hairs, i have never seen a liner brush like this before! This brush retails for around £5.99.

The final product on my wishlist currently is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. I feel like my currently under eye concealer just isn't working how i want it to any more and i hear TiffanyD rave about this so if she loves it, i need to try it! This concealer retails for £7.99.

Whats your beauty wishlist?

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