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With Spring officially spring in England, I have been obsessed with all things spring, especially pastel colours and florals. I love trying out different nail art designs for very occasion but 90% off the time I fail so I'm very jealous of all you ladies you can do great nail art. I normally cheat when it comes to nail art and use stickers because I fail so much but I am defiantly going to try some of these designs out or get a friend to have a go at doing them on me! None of the designs featured in this post are mine sadly, I'm just not that good, all designs were found on pinterest.

Spring Nail Art
Nail Art photos and designs from Pinterest. 

The first one on the top row is actually pretty easy to do because its just painting different shades in different directions so I will defiantly be going that one a try, especially with similar shades to what is shown in the picture as it looks stunning. The first one the bottom row is amazing but I have absolutely no hope of being able to do that but its so cute, so jealous of all you good nail art ladies now!

The simplest but is actually my favourite is the second one on the bottom row. It just looks lovely, I love how the purple and peach polishes work so well together but make the nails look so well done without having to do hard nail art. Will defiantly be giving this one a try soon!

Spring nails aren't complete with out a a floral design. The second on the top row and the third on the bottom are stunning. The second one defiantly looks easier for me to have a try at but I doubt mine would never look anything close.

If you want to check out any of the designs in more detail, I have created a pinterest board with all the designs on here.

What are your favourite nail art designs for spring?

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