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When i got this for my Birthday, i was so excited to try it out! I have stupidly long hair and the ends are so dry and slightly damaged from years of dyeing and heat usage so im all for trying out products that are going to put the moisture back into my hair. This shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all hair types and is paraben free and claims to moisture and nourish the hair as well as smoothing and repairing it while adding softness and shine. That is some big claims and i think it does live up to those claims for me!

The first thing i love about this shampoo and conditioner is the packaging, its simple but i love the colours of the bottle. The blue on the shampoo bottle is actually my favourite colour so i might be a little bit more in love with it than most people might be. Besides the packaging one of the first things i also noticed was the scent of the products, although i cant actually describe the scent, it does smell really nice and it does linger a little bit in my hair which is great..who doesn't love great smelling hair?! The smell reminds me a little bit of an Aveda product i used years ago but not as strong. 

The first time i used this, i didn't think it had made any difference to my hair until i blow dried it. While it was still set it felt a bit dry but when i came to dry it, it was the complete opposite. My hair has never felt so good, since using this my hair has been super soft and smooth which no ever shampoo and conditioner has had such great effects on my hair. 

As for the repairing claim of this shampoo and conditioner, i have found that my split ends seem to be a little better in the sense that they look repaired when actually i just need a good cut honestly but im all for products that mask how bad my split ends really are!

I have black hair (which is dyed) so it never really looks that shiny and you can never really tell if i do anything with it but since using this shampoo and conditioner it has been a lot more shiny and glossy looking, especially in the mids lengths of my hair where it would normally look dull. 

Overall i love this shampoo and conditoner and will repurchase when it runs out! I also want to try the hair oil from this brand to see if that does as good things as this shampoo and conditioner does! This shampoo and conditioner retails for £9.99 for both bottles. 

Have you tried this before? What did you think?

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