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Lately, i have been really trying to make an effort to take care of my skin. I always slack when it comes to moisturising and then i complain when my skin is dry and sore so i have decided to make a conscious effort to make sure i don't get ouchy skin any more. Since starting this, i have found the perfect combination of products that keep my skin smooth and super soft so i thought it was only right to share them with you all! 

Body Care Essentials

Lets start with shower gel as that is the first product i use in taking care of my skin. Since using slightly more expensive shower gels i have noticed that my skin thanks me for it and im pretty sure thats down to the nicer ingredients in them, the one i am currently loving is from The Body Shop in the Scent Vanilla Bliss. As you can guess from the name, it smells like vanilla which i love as the scent slightly lingers on the skin so you smell sweet through out the day. 

I try to exfoliate on a weekly basis, sometimes more in the summer months. The Soap and Glory exfoliators are my go to ones. I used to use the ones in the pots but i found them to get a bit messy, especially when your in the shower so when i found this one in a tube i was sold! This is The Scrub Of Your Life and it smells just as good as all of the products from Soap and Glory. This stuff really smooths out any bumps you might have while removing dead skin cells.

If i have the time to sit and let my moisturiser fully sink in or its in serious need of moisture, i head for my Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop. These body butters are amazing but man do they take a while to sink in! I use this one a month or so to really inject some moisture back into my skin.

Now for my all time favourite body moisturiser which is unlike any other one i have used before. This is the Vaseline Spray & Go. This stuff is amazing, it sinks into your skin within seconds so you can get dressed straight away but still moisturises your skin just as good as a heavier product and not to mention this stuff smells pretty good too! I have been using this almost daily and my skin has never been so soft!

And last but not least lets not forget our feet! During the summer mainly, i get super dry skin on my feet (eww feet) and they start to crack on the tops and its super painful until i found this product! This is the Soap & Glory Heel Genius. Whenever my feet start to get dry, i apply a thick layer of this all over my feet and put soaks on and go to sleep. It feels a bit weird at first because it makes your feet all cold but this stuff works wonders over night!

What are your body care essentials?

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