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I have a stupid amount of perfume for one person i would say that im a little bit of a collector of some perfume brands and you'll see what i mean in a minute! I display all of my perfumes and body sprays on a shelf above my bed which is next to my window so they are out of direct sunlight! I have ten perfumes and seven body sprays so i think im pretty much set for perfumes and smelling good for the next five years! On the shelf i display my perfumes on i have a plant and a small yankee candle for decoration, the shelf looked a little empty without the plant and i think it looks nice all together, although it didn't photograph very well *booo* 

Ill warn you now...This is a long post with a lot of photos, go grab yourself a cup of tea quickly!

First i will share my body sprays, my favourites are the Victoria Secret ones, they smell so good! I always try and pick some up when im in London and they are almost always on offer which is a bonus. The scents i have currently are Love Spell, Hello Darling, Moonlight Dream and Coconut Passion. My least favourite is Moonlight Dream but i actually have been using this as a room spray and it makes my bed and curtains smell nice and fresh!

Victoria Secret Body Sprays UK
L-R: Love Spell, Coconut Passion, Hello Darling, Moonlight Dream.

I love The Body Shop sprays for just having in your handbag for throughout the day! The Little Ted Baker Body Spray* smells amazing! I believe it is from the Valentines Day collection for this year and it is the perfect handbag size, it is a little bit strong but that just made it last longer once you have put it on when you compare it to the body shop ones, they don't last for more than an hour on!

The Body Shop Body Mists
L-R: The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist, Ted Baker Body Spray & The Body Shop Vanilla Body Spray.

I am a big Katy Perry fan so when she releases perfumes i just have to have them, i have them all but the latest one which i think i might have to purchase soon because i know i will love it! The three perfumes i have are Meow, Purr and Killer Queen.

Katy Perry Perfumes
L-R: Meow!, Killer Queen & Purr

The next perfumes i have are from Juicy Couture both from the Viva La Juicy range. I have the original Viva La Juicy perfume and the La Fleur version which is basically just a lighter version of the original which makes it great for day time wear. I find myself using Viva La Juicy La Fleur more than the original. 

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfumes
L-R: Viva La Juicy La Fleur, Viva La Juicy

The final lot of perfumes i have, most of them i don't wear often or i just aren't really a fan of the scents any more like the Acqua Di Gioia perfume i just find to be far too strong and hurts my nose a bit now but i can't bring myself to get rid of it so it will properly sit on my shelve forever. The perfume i use the most out of these last few is the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck one which i think was the first one she released, the bottle is so cute and it smells lovely, not like a typical celebrity scent.

L-R: CK One Shock, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Secret Love Spell, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Acqua Di Gioia

Wow... that was a long post! What is your favourite perfume?

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